English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Automobile" in Example Sentences
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1040517	Tom was killed in an automobile accident.	CK	1
236776	This factory manufactures automobile parts.	CK	1
2042917	I don't want to be the one who tells Tom that Mary died in an automobile accident.	CK	1
2267957	The automobile stopped.	_undertoad
2258108	An automobile ran over him.	_undertoad
2267120	I want to buy an automobile.	_undertoad
264512	An automobile has four wheels.	CM
680299	Tom has a very old automobile.	Source_VOA
264510	Automobiles replaced carriages.	CM
1668590	He's wanted for grand theft auto.	Spamster
264520	Automobiles are made in factories.	CK
680298	Who invented the first automobile?	Source_VOA
298500	He works in the automobile industry.	CK
2267795	That automobile was going very fast.	_undertoad
264522	The automobile has changed our life.	CK
2267955	The auto was in the middle of the road.	_undertoad
2266281	He got killed in an automobile accident.	_undertoad
265546	The automobile is a wonderful invention.	CK
2267016	I hurt my foot getting in the automobile.	_undertoad
243856	I was recently in an automobile accident.	CK
264511	It's fun to take a trip in an automobile.	CM
314586	She was killed in an automobile accident.	CK
680300	That garage has room for two automobiles.	Source_VOA
805267	Thousands of Americans owned automobiles.	Source_VOA
46951	The automobile company laid off 300 workers.	papabear
59309	This factory produces 500 automobiles a day.	CK
264515	The number of automobiles has been increasing.	CM
248185	We export a lot of automobiles to that country.	CM
57576	There is little automobile traffic on this road.	CM
681208	The German auto industry produces excellent cars.	Source_VOA
3088548	Tom was killed in an automobile accident last night.	CK
298501	He had his only son killed in an automobile accident.	CK
953344	How many people die from automobile accidents each year?	CK
804370	Most Americans did not have the money to own an automobile.	Source_VOA
1865984	"Tom was killed in an automobile accident." "How horrible!"	CK
508805	Lawyers and auto mechanics are the people I trust the least.	darinmex
18464	Falling interest rates have stimulated the automobile market.	Zifre
322479	A lot of people are killed in automobile accidents every year.	CK
264532	The automobile industry is one of the main industries in Japan.	CK
264516	Automobile sales suffered a setback at the end of the financial year.	CM
264531	Many people will lose their jobs due to the slump in the auto industry.	CM
37557	How did you come by an admission ticket for the auto show free of charge?	CM
295098	He learned of his friend's death in the automobile accident when he came home.	CM
18228	Because of the problem of air pollution, the bicycle may some day replace the automobile.	Zifre
243038	Today, automobiles have taken the place of horses as the principal means of transportation.	CM
31124	A motel is like a hotel only much smaller and is used mostly by people traveling by automobile.	CM