English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Author" in Example Sentences
Page 1

593248	He's an author.	CK	1
70681	Who is your favorite author?	CK	1
57068	Who is the author of this book?	CK	1
254571	I am acquainted with the author.	CK	1
1317084	Who do you think the author of this novel is?	CK	1
703117	The author is Brazilian.	papabear
1211526	He's an excellent author.	alec
386731	Ogai is his favorite author.	Mouseneb
1078020	The author has a good style.	keira_n
697193	He is a doctor and an author.	rpglover64
2266145	He decided to become an author.	_undertoad
1130683	I read a lot of modern authors.	jdonnarumma
46531	Who is the author of the novel?	CK
658802	Are you the author of this book?	Eldad
47786	How long ago did the author die?	Nero
58494	Who is the author of this story?	CK
908680	Who's your favorite British author?	CK
62784	Graham Greene is my favorite author.	CK
47789	The author's name is familiar to us.	CK
254356	I am familiar with the author's name.	CK
1144598	What contemporary authors do you like?	CK
47778	The author killed himself in his study.	CK
57069	The author of this book is still young.	CK
1072837	I don't get what the author means there.	NekoKanjya
1241178	I've learned a lot about modern authors.	xellugis
1866366	We are familiar with that author's name.	ryanwhiting
434938	He is one of Spain's most famous authors.	lukaszpp
309790	Her daughter ran away with a young author.	human600
387461	Graham Greene is a favorite author of mine.	CK
387460	Graham Greene is one of my favorite authors.	CK
277704	The author dedicated the book to his sister.	CK
47781	The author described the murder case vividly.	CK
499907	One of my favorite authors is Herman Melville.	darinmex
59738	The author of this article is a famous critic.	CK
58481	I think this novel shows the author at his best.	CM
29683	Richard Roberts is the author of numerous books.	CK
3123572	The book was published after the author's death.	chajadan
1657960	This author is critical of the mainstream media.	Spamster
62146	This is the room where the author killed himself.	CK
277700	I will include the author's and publisher's names.	CM
3071562	That's the author whose book you praised yesterday.	sharptoothed
44331	The author doesn't display much talent in his book.	CM
969140	I don't understand what the author is trying to say.	odiernod
324472	The famous author created another best-selling book.	CK
1403165	If possible, I'd like to know the name of the author.	Eldad
47779	The author presented a copy of his latest book to me.	CM
277706	The author illustrated his book with a lot of pictures.	CK
546772	Every author suffers from writer's block from time to time.	darinmex
2278861	That author translated those fairy tales into our language.	CK
2954010	The translator identifies himself with the author's beliefs.	Guybrush88