English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Attractive" in Example Sentences
Page 1

317109	She is attractive.	CK	1
2202593	You're attractive.	CK	1
2202592	Mary is attractive.	CK	1
2249107	It's not attractive.	CK	1
2402613	I find you attractive.	CK	1
2218474	You're very attractive.	CK	1
2224010	Mary is very attractive.	CK	1
317194	She has attractive eyes.	CK	1
2402616	You're quite attractive.	CK	1
2224009	Mary is quite attractive.	CK	1
2402614	I think you're attractive.	CK	1
1028935	Tom finds Mary attractive.	CK	1
2954918	You're an attractive girl.	CK	1
2954919	You're an attractive woman.	CK	1
2435038	Do you find Mary attractive?	CK	1
2435037	Do you think Mary is attractive?	CK	1
2402615	Tom thought Mary was quite attractive.	CK	1
1139911	Tom's new girlfriend is quite attractive.	CK	1
2028353	Everyone wants to be young and attractive.	CK	1
1877581	Tom was sitting near a very attractive woman.	CK	1
2273580	Tom is very attractive.	CK
2259829	What an attractive woman!	_undertoad
3104587	Do you find me attractive?	Hybrid
2220968	He's young and attractive.	Hybrid
1168052	She is extremely attractive.	etoile
47963	The idea is very attractive.	CM
3170309	Don't you find me attractive?	Hybrid
316891	She is remarkably attractive.	CK
2267835	That girl is very attractive.	_undertoad
705027	Do you think she's attractive?	Scott
1364626	He is attractive in every way.	liaison
1388211	Mrs. Meier is very attractive.	CK
2275405	Don't you think I'm attractive?	CK
1401024	I think she is very attractive.	CK
2954902	You're a very attractive woman.	CK
69775	You are very attractive in blue.	CK
311809	I find her appearance attractive.	CM
1178681	Mary is exceptionally attractive.	CK
2642007	Would you say Mary is attractive?	CK
53826	Jane is more attractive than Susan.	CK
1772220	Jessie is my most attractive friend.	mookeee
52669	Jon is far more attractive than Tom.	CK
51161	That makes you even more attractive.	CK
30357	A model must have an attractive body.	CK
394648	I think she is charming and attractive.	CK
3113731	I think you're a very attractive woman.	CK
2305023	I don't find her particularly attractive.	Hybrid
1403985	She's attractive, but she talks too much.	Eldad
317110	She is attractive, but she talks too much.	CK
264407	I've got an attractive proposition for you.	CK