English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Attorney" in Example Sentences
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2247924	I'm an attorney.	CK	1
2011401	I want an attorney.	CK	1
2235777	I'm Tom's attorney.	CK	1
2300066	I called my attorney.	CK	1
2644574	Does Tom have an attorney?	CK
320458	Could you find me an attorney?	CK
3127937	I suggest you call an attorney.	CK
303599	He trusted his defense attorney.	CM
2247168	You have the right to an attorney.	CK
263767	You'd better consult an attorney beforehand.	CM
3074328	A teacher's salary is less than an attorney's.	ulymarrero
1501806	The defense attorney was pleased by the verdict.	MrShoval
3023967	This is Tom Jackson, your court appointed attorney.	CK
70067	You should confer with your attorney on this matter.	CM
2268088	The defense attorney asked for mercy for the condemned man.	_undertoad
681276	The members of the jury listened carefully to the attorney.	Source_VOA
277725	The district attorney wasn't content with a two-year sentence.	CM
2247172	If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.	CK
2247163	The defense attorney jumped to his feet and shouted "Objection!"	CK
676315	The divorce was finalized this morning at the attorney's office.	darinmex
1954708	The prosecuting attorney can't prove that somebody else didn't do it.	CK
20738	Company attorneys are working around the clock to complete the merger.	CK
265324	We'll have our firm's attorneys look through the provisional agreement.	CK
1911887	You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police.	Spamster
694086	The district attorney is unwilling to proceed due to insufficient evidence.	darinmex