English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Athlete" in Example Sentences
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290317	He is a good athlete.	CK	1
1025183	Tom is a good athlete.	CK	1
1093698	Tom has athlete's foot.	CK	1
1483064	Tom is a natural athlete.	Spamster	1
908677	Who's your favorite athlete?	CK	1
1024687	Tom isn't much of an athlete.	CK	1
882688	I am not an athlete.	alexmarcelo
238894	Ken is quite an athlete.	CK
270911	I have bad athlete's foot.	CM
3004744	I'm not much of an athlete.	Hybrid
1779982	He was an athlete in high school.	Spamster
3318836	Some athletes sweat more than others.	Hybrid
26542	Athletes usually abstain from smoking.	CK
290273	He seems to have been a great athlete.	CM
26543	An athlete must keep in good condition.	CK
311531	She competed against many fine athletes.	CK
803195	He was a good student and a good athlete.	Source_VOA
681679	The injury caused the athlete great pain.	Source_VOA
270910	I have athlete's foot and it's very itchy.	Zifre
947492	Children usually look up to great athletes.	Guybrush88
680915	Tom is an athlete with extraordinary speed.	Source_VOA
1315786	It seems that he used to be a great athlete.	CK
680914	Tom is an athlete with extraordinary strength.	Source_VOA
51705	Every teacher knows that Ann is a good athlete.	CK
64545	Compared with his brother, he is a poor athlete.	CM
281335	How many medals did the Japanese athletes collect?	CK
1428497	Japan has been sending athletes to the Olympics since 1912.	CK
554924	You have to have a lot of stamina to be an Olympic athlete.	darinmex
2950155	Tom's a bit overweight, but formerly he was quite a good athlete.	patgfisher
241412	One must practice every day in order to become a world-class athlete.	CM
954345	The food athletes eat is just as important as what kind of exercises they do.	CK
26545	The athletes trained hard every day to be at their best for the Summer Olympics.	Dejo
54690	I look for all the world like an athlete in this outfit, but the truth is I don't do any sports at all.	CM