English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Astonish" in Example Sentences
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2111757	I'm astonished.	CK	1
1611146	I was astonished.	Spamster	1
2202585	We're astonished.	CK	1
2202584	Tom is astonished.	CK	1
1140995	Tom was astonished.	CK	1
2233655	This is astonishing.	CK	1
2237204	Tom looks astonished.	CK	1
2235962	Tom appears astonished.	CK	1
313280	She was astonishingly beautiful.	CK	1
887400	She stared at him in astonishment.	CK	1
2562884	I was astonished.	Guybrush88
18880	I was too astonished to speak.	CK
248136	We were astonished at the news.	CK
292517	He stared at her in astonishment.	CK
309849	I'm astonished by her cleverness.	CM
287591	I was astonished by his ignorance.	CK
2958501	Tom was astonished by what he saw.	CK
62678	Kate was astonished by his behavior.	adjusting
18878	To my astonishment, my money was gone.	Eldad
34765	We were struck dumb with astonishment.	CK
263216	We were astonished by his bold attempt.	CK
543112	I was astonished to hear that he failed.	darinmex
914114	Mr. Hurst looked at her with astonishment.	Jane_Austen
25161	I was astonished to hear what had happened.	CK
1126693	We were astonished when we saw their wounds.	nadsat
320959	She stared at the man in silent astonishment.	Dejo
25174	We were astonished to hear what had happened.	CK
43462	The cook was astonished at his incredible appetite.	CM
2268580	The success of the enterprise astonished everybody.	_undertoad
688030	What astonishes me is that he never learns his lesson.	ulyssemc1
277904	To the astonishment of the whole city, the mayor was arrested.	CM
48631	His admission that he had stolen the money astonished his family.	CK
266826	Those present were all astonished at the results of the election.	CM
667887	Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.	CK
667899	Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.	CK
32179	To everyone's astonishment, Mike won first prize in the speech contest.	CM