English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Assistance" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2246000	I need assistance.	CK	1
1093201	Tom needed assistance.	CK	1
2713563	Do you need assistance?	CK	1
2387831	I need your assistance.	CK	1
2396286	May I be of assistance?	CK	1
2644576	Do you need my assistance?	CK	1
1069870	I need medical assistance.	goksun	1
2404152	I require your assistance.	CK	1
2644137	Do you need our assistance?	CK	1
2315320	I don't require assistance.	CK	1
2272134	They don't want assistance.	CK	1
1988358	Tom needs medical assistance.	CK	1
2953717	We need emergency assistance.	CK	1
2953547	We appreciate your assistance.	CK	1
1341304	Call me if you need assistance.	CK	1
2300074	I called to offer my assistance.	CK	1
1341302	Call me if you need my assistance.	CK	1
70557	Can I be of any assistance to you?	CK	1
54486	Thank you for your kind assistance.	CM	1
2953907	We're grateful for your assistance.	CK	1
2951767	Do you require any further assistance?	CK	1
953454	I found it necessary to get assistance.	CK	1
2430104	I'm glad I could be of some assistance.	CK	1
690122	She needs assistance.	Eldad
306197	They offered assistance.	CM
895418	Can we provide assistance?	corvard
2644357	Tom needs some assistance.	CK
306268	They came to our assistance.	CK
2543417	Tom asked for my assistance.	CK
2643542	Tom requires our assistance.	CK
285582	Don't count on his assistance.	CM
294546	He promised us his assistance.	CM
64407	Thank you for your assistance.	CK
2542274	Tom asked Mary for assistance.	CK
2240482	We have no need for assistance.	Hybrid
661887	Do you still need my assistance?	Eldad
453433	I'm waiting for your assistance.	FeuDRenais
251287	I owe my success to her assistance.	CK
3329762	Can we be of any further assistance?	CK
1103790	Perhaps I can be of some assistance.	CK
70808	Your assistance is indispensable for us.	CK
20143	Thank you again for your kind assistance.	U2FS
1933631	I appreciate any assistance you can offer.	CK
562263	It was a mistake to refuse his assistance.	FeuDRenais
2538237	I'll call you if I require your assistance.	CK
284986	There is no use in asking him for assistance.	CM
3060435	Tom doesn't seem to need much assistance now.	CK
1500285	Without your assistance, I would have failed.	CK
54434	I cannot thank you enough for your assistance.	CM
277033	The governor decided to provide assistance for the victims.	CM