English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Assign" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2057790	I'm not assigning blame.	CK	1
1029610	Tom assigned the job to Mary.	CK	1
1029611	Tom assigned Mary to do the job.	CK	1
2539692	I've been assigned to work with you.	CK	1
1095132	Tom couldn't decide who to assign the job to.	CK	1
73417	Ten policemen were assigned to patrol that area.	mookeee	1
299760	He was assigned a task.	Nero
297657	He assigned me a new job.	CK
388389	She assigned him to the job.	CK
388390	She assigned the work to him.	CK
305771	They assigned the task to us.	CK
250145	A new room was assigned to me.	CK
297693	He assigned me three books to read.	CK
306683	They have assigned me a small room.	CK
2958713	Tom will be assigned to assist you.	CK
268319	My boss assigned the hard job to me.	CM
33521	I have to assign more men to that work.	CK
2538997	I was assigned to deal with the matter.	CK
249042	We have been assigned the large classroom.	CK
272997	The teacher assigned us ten problems for homework.	CK
285190	The task assigned to him was to do marketing research.	CM
3071528	The teacher assigned a three-page theme for Friday's class.	sharptoothed
57173	This vowel change has much to do with the overall accent pattern assigned to each word.	CM