English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Assemble" in Example Sentences
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2245612	I assembled it.	CK	1
1023849	Tom's fingers got smashed while working on the assembly line.	CK	1
1709156	I assemble car engines.	Amastan
1709181	She assembles computers.	Amastan
1709192	They assemble typewriters.	Amastan
1709160	We assemble water heaters.	Amastan
2259343	The machine has to be assembled.	_undertoad
803071	He built them on an assembly line.	Source_VOA
266333	The mechanic assembled the engine.	CK
56798	This bookcase is easy to assemble.	CK
1740746	It took me several hours to assemble it.	Amastan
21435	The students assembled in the classroom.	CK
264076	It is rather difficult to assemble a watch.	CM
246263	The leaders assembled in Paris for a meeting.	CM
1717416	Have you ever assembled a computer by yourself?	Amastan
62883	The club members assembled in the meeting room.	CM
20994	The manager assembled the players on the field.	NekoKanjya
48683	The teacher assembled the students in the hall.	CK
1728391	Is it true you assembled the engine by yourself?	Amastan
1950208	The crowd assembled in front of the post office.	_undertoad
310245	She put her assistants to work assembling evidence.	CK
238343	The police assembled a lot of evidence against him.	CK
2268467	The priest assembled the parishioners in the church.	_undertoad
772597	There are twenty-five students in the assembly hall.	BraveSentry
265379	The president assembled his advisers for a conference.	CK
272806	The teachers assembled their classes in the gymnasium.	CK
46694	The assembly voted to protest against any nuclear armament.	CM
241472	The United Nations General Assembly adopted the cease-fire resolution.	CM
239583	The factory now under construction will assemble 3,000 VCR units per day.	CM