English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Ashamed" in Example Sentences
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2111758	I'm ashamed.	CK	1
1841711	I am ashamed.	CK	1
2247454	I was ashamed.	CK	1
2202581	We're ashamed.	CK	1
2245735	I feel ashamed.	CK	1
2649145	I'm so ashamed.	CK	1
2202580	Tom is ashamed.	CK	1
2239732	Tom was ashamed.	CK	1
2237203	Tom looks ashamed.	CK	1
2244974	Aren't you ashamed?	CK	1
2957065	Tom is ashamed of me.	CK	1
2547428	Are you ashamed of me?	CK	1
15902	You ought to be ashamed.	Swift	1
2543546	I'm not ashamed of anything.	CK	1
264826	Don't be ashamed of yourself.	CK	1
2953819	We were never ashamed of you.	CK	1
1894566	It's nothing to be ashamed of.	CK	1
318556	Don't be ashamed of being poor.	CK	1
1093623	Tom has nothing to be ashamed of.	CK	1
3287173	You've got nothing to be ashamed of.	CK	1
1093672	Tom has done nothing to be ashamed of.	CK	1
1025245	Tom hasn't done anything to be ashamed of.	CK	1
54719	I'm ashamed to ask you such a silly question.	CM	1
2511854	I feel ashamed.	erikspen
1915924	I'm not ashamed.	Spamster
374872	I'm too ashamed.	sysko
851091	I'm ashamed of you.	papabear
599231	I'm ashamed of myself.	Dejo
2195111	You should be ashamed.	Hybrid
28912	I am ashamed of myself.	brauliobezerra
1699190	I'm ashamed of my body.	Spamster
1699189	He's ashamed of his body.	Spamster
1915920	I'm ashamed of what I did.	Spamster
252266	I am ashamed of my conduct.	CK
309925	She is ashamed to speak up.	CK
304780	He was ashamed of his tears.	CM
1915922	I'm not ashamed of who I am.	Spamster
298939	He is ashamed of his failure.	CK
17164	I am ashamed of your conduct.	Zifre
258250	I was ashamed of my behavior.	CK
298782	He is ashamed of his behavior.	CK
1902864	He is ashamed of telling lies.	blay_paul
1937835	His mother was ashamed of him.	kerbear407
749404	I am ashamed of your behavior.	Serhiy
1915923	I'm not ashamed of what I did.	Spamster
1461908	Aren't you ashamed of yourself?	CK
1173810	He is ashamed to ask questions.	CK
254062	I am ashamed of having done so.	CM
318557	I'm not ashamed that I am poor.	CK
24804	You have no need to be ashamed.	CK