English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Artist" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1122649	I'm an artist.	Guybrush88	1
2510747	Is Tom an artist?	Hybrid	1
2272943	Tom is an artist.	CK	1
2549177	You're an artist.	CK	1
2549057	I'm not an artist.	CK	1
2713631	They're both artists.	CK	1
3168578	Tom is a true artist.	CK	1
2547002	Tom is also an artist.	CK	1
2090870	I want to be an artist.	CK	1
2821567	You're quite an artist.	CK	1
1517915	Tom is an unknown artist.	Spamster	1
2544711	I'm not much of an artist.	CK	1
1025121	Tom is a wonderful artist.	CK	1
2713323	You're a very good artist.	CK	1
908676	Who's your favorite artist?	CK	1
2954904	You're a very gifted artist.	CK	1
2388179	I never said I was an artist.	CK	1
681668	Tom organized his CDs by artist.	Source_VOA	1
1537056	Tom wants to be a tattoo artist.	Spamster	1
2751157	Tom's father is a famous artist.	CK	1
296075	He is the greatest living artist.	Eldad	1
40992	Many famous artists live in New York.	CK	1
1122648	I am an artist.	Guybrush88
305349	They are artists.	CK
2006488	He's a con artist.	Spamster
1280387	He is a born artist.	Eldad
2982381	She's a true artist.	Hybrid
453182	He's a famous artist.	FeuDRenais
875855	The artist is gifted.	alexmarcelo
770514	Everyone is an artist.	shanghainese
304450	He is a famous artist.	xtofu80
294587	He cannot be an artist.	CM
313792	She is a gifted artist.	CK
1416563	This artist died young.	CM
485143	This is a popular artist.	FeuDRenais
312507	She became a great artist.	CK
2644336	Tom said he was an artist.	CK
288904	He is an artist in a sense.	Zifre
1083714	He's proud to be an artist.	Scott
2056442	She's also a visual artist.	Guybrush88
2267793	That artist's very popular.	_undertoad
1490046	The next artist is amazing.	marco87
69535	You are a very good artist.	jakov
299564	He is a novelist and artist.	CK
291571	He is not much of an artist.	CK
276423	Every man can't be an artist.	CK
291741	He is something of an artist.	CM
1855134	She's a very talented artist.	Spamster
270105	Not everybody can be an artist.	CK
251935	My dream is to become an artist.	CM