English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Article" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2546267	Who wrote this article?	CK	1
70090	Have you read this article?	CK	1
2451397	The article was written in French.	CK	1
1025709	Tom found the article interesting.	CK	1
254283	I cut the article out of the magazine.	CK	1
1742867	Tom hasn't translated the article yet.	Amastan	1
1026532	Tom cut the article out of the newspaper.	CK	1
2033821	I've got a magazine article I want to show you.	CK	1
2032022	I've got a newspaper article I want to show you.	CK	1
1093586	Tom has written many magazine articles on whales.	CK	1
1095001	Tom cut an interesting article out of the newspaper.	CK	1
2313695	I came across an article in the newspaper about your new project.	CK	1
1040554	Tom spent the better part of the day writing an article for a local magazine.	CK	1
1799136	Read the article.	Guybrush88
1807427	I like your article.	Guybrush88
1728271	I am writing an article.	Amastan
48770	Read through the article.	CK
57414	This article is for sale.	papabear
1657749	I want to write an article.	charlotte13
1727872	I am translating an article.	Amastan
1744733	I have to read this article.	Amastan
463252	This article is of no value.	lukaszpp
2259102	Read the article on page two.	_undertoad
2890408	Refer to my previous article.	sharptoothed
44300	That article is out of stock.	CK
2970422	I read this article yesterday.	Guybrush88
1798712	When did I write this article?	Amastan
55107	These articles are not for sale.	CK
268352	A coat is an article of clothing.	CK
57759	Do you have any tax-free articles?	CK
2432231	I was disappointed by your article.	AlanF_US
1126514	The article was written in Russian.	alexmarcelo
1084435	These articles cannot be exchanged.	CM
1840542	Who wants to translate this article?	Amastan
309036	There are many articles in her purse.	CM
2349883	We discussed the article I published.	AlanF_US
1740125	I translate articles almost every day.	Amastan
1903614	That article makes fun of vegetarians.	Guybrush88
928763	This article makes fun of vegetarians.	lesgles
2796659	This article pokes fun at vegetarians.	Deerhound
59735	Is it possible to reprint this article?	CK
1774526	He loves writing articles for Wikipedia.	YoavR
446012	He read the article over and over again.	FeuDRenais
2172039	Purchase any necessary articles quickly.	nanioitte
319481	There were various articles in the room.	CM
2667318	Tom cut an article out of the newspaper.	meerkat
59740	Check up on the accuracy of this article.	CM
1350145	Is reprinting this article a possibility?	Chrikaru
669819	She read the article over and over again.	BraveSentry
2640725	Tom showed Mary an old newspaper article.	CK