English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Arrow" in Example Sentences
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1877580	Tom was shot with a poisoned arrow.	CK	1
1026912	Tom came close to being killed by a stray arrow.	CK	1
324144	The arrow hit the target.	CK
240403	Time flies like an arrow.	CM
1346020	I took an arrow in the knee.	Spamster
683959	The arrow missed its target.	CK
290949	He shot an arrow at the deer.	CK
262019	I hit the mark with the arrow.	CM
522690	A bow is no use without arrows.	blay_paul
324146	The arrow glanced off the tree.	CM
291265	He shot an arrow at the soldier.	CK
324147	The arrow indicates the way to go.	CK
324140	The arrow pierced the thick board.	CM
324145	The arrow fell short of the target.	CK
65737	The Indians fought with bows and arrows.	CK
527183	Native Americans fought with bow and arrow.	blay_paul
65693	William Tell shot an arrow at the apple on his son's head.	CK
326770	By the age of seven, he had already made his own bow and arrows.	CM
3118235	He tried with all his might to stretch the bow and shoot the arrow as far as possible.	AlanF_US
271709	He has a reputation as being straight as an arrow. He'd never get involved in corruption.	CM