English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Arrival" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1174303	I've been anticipating his arrival.	NekoKanjya	1
2412513	Tom and Mary were among the new arrivals.	CK	1
1026861	Tom can meet you at the airport if you let him know your arrival time.	CK	1
679876	I await your arrival.	ulyssemc1
261187	I informed her of my arrival.	CK
1068347	I informed her of his arrival.	tomalrussell
261058	I informed him of her arrival.	CM
297407	He left soon after our arrival.	CK
2258665	His arrival pepped up the party.	_undertoad
261300	I was impatient for her arrival.	CM
42403	It happened prior to my arrival.	CK
316324	She informed him of her arrival.	CK
246546	Inform your father of my arrival.	CM
287258	His arrival was greeted with cheers.	CK
287259	She died two days after his arrival.	CK
237927	Keiko informed him of her safe arrival.	CK
29370	What's the arrival time in Los Angeles?	CM
64181	I've been looking forward to your arrival.	CK
71339	Prior to your arrival, he left for London.	Eldad
309596	The news of her arrival excited the crowd.	CM
16518	All you have to do is wait for his arrival.	CK
238068	The policeman's quick arrival surprised us.	CM
318025	What's the flight's scheduled arrival time?	CK
2872118	I was notified immediately of Tom's arrival.	CK
62451	Ken is waiting for the arrival of the train.	CK
23373	Our arrival at Narita was delayed by an hour.	NekoKanjya
47103	The accident happened previous to my arrival.	CM
247853	We are anxious for news of your safe arrival.	CM
258140	I looked up the arrival time in the timetable.	CK
40583	Possibly, the accident will delay his arrival.	CM
807598	The arrival of the troops led to more violence.	Source_VOA
305023	The precise time of their arrival is not known.	CM
308441	Her sudden arrival prevented him from going out.	Eldad
260729	I received a letter informing me of his arrival.	CM
287257	The news of his arrival added to our excitement.	CM
246963	It has been two months since my arrival in Tokyo.	Nero
308417	We changed our plans because of her late arrival.	CM
2571449	The kids were excited about the arrival of the circus.	sharptoothed
29742	A rush-hour traffic jam delayed my arrival by two hours.	CK
2267897	That time table gives the hours of arrival and departure.	_undertoad
62278	Two of the coffee cups were found to be damaged on arrival.	CK
266585	The severely injured man was dead on arrival at the hospital.	CK
1849235	Our train still needs to wait for the arrival of another train.	Eldad
275893	The president was greeted by the queen on arrival at the palace.	CM
877865	Before the arrival of the Europeans, yellow fever hadn't been a problem.	alexmarcelo
320934	The mother will not be at ease until she hears of her son's safe arrival.	CK