English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Arrange" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2247660	I'll arrange it.	CK	1
3327482	Can you arrange it?	CK	1
1894595	It's being arranged.	CK	1
2891898	That can be arranged.	CK	1
2273021	Tom is arranging bail.	CK	1
2546727	I'll arrange a meeting.	CK	1
306281	They arranged a meeting.	CK	1
2358873	I've already arranged it.	CK	1
2544891	I'll arrange that for you.	CK	1
2407732	I think I can arrange that.	CK	1
2542348	I'm sure it could be arranged.	CK	1
2542339	I'm sure Tom can arrange that.	CK	1
2408138	I think that could be arranged.	CK	1
2541775	I'm sure we could arrange that.	CK	1
2387203	I might be able to arrange that.	CK	1
2541018	I'll arrange a meeting with them.	CK	1
2359014	I've arranged your meeting with Tom.	CK	1
1281086	My parents had an arranged marriage.	CK	1
1498866	Tom and Mary had an arranged marriage.	Spamster	1
1027106	Tom arranged for his family to visit Boston.	CK	1
2359013	I've arranged transportation for us back to Boston.	CK	1
1030197	Tom has arranged for Mary to meet John on Wednesday.	CK	1
266976	Everything is all arranged.	CM
1908941	Everything has been arranged.	Spamster
2643365	Maybe that could be arranged.	CK
312910	She likes to arrange flowers.	CK
24920	Let's try to arrange something.	NekoKanjya
2014710	I want you to arrange a meeting.	CK
244197	Let's arrange the details later.	CK
2642036	Transportation has been arranged.	CK
2268764	They arranged the furniture badly.	_undertoad
2267208	I'm going to arrange these flowers.	_undertoad
320811	My mother teaches flower arranging.	CK
2258920	Is everything arranged for the trip?	_undertoad
456013	Is everything arranged for tomorrow?	lukaszpp
60048	Can you arrange these flowers for me?	CM
72518	Could you arrange to be here at five?	CM
312909	She arranged the flowers beautifully.	CK
22826	We arranged the books according to size.	CK
323141	I arranged catering for tomorrow's party.	CK
271736	I'd like to learn how to arrange flowers.	CK
22565	The meeting was arranged for next Sunday.	NekoKanjya
682214	The two stamp collectors arranged a trade.	Source_VOA
30099	Yuriko arranges flowers in her spare time.	CK
2784434	Tom arranged a picnic for the whole office.	sharptoothed
290532	He arranged that piano music for the violin.	CK
2265787	Do you like the way the furniture is arranged?	_undertoad
255493	I have arranged for Bill to meet Ann tomorrow.	CK
24351	My father implied our summer trip was arranged.	Dejo
48652	The piece was arranged for piano and orchestra.	CM