English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Army" in Example Sentences
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2549512	I'm in the army.	CK	1
2548582	Tom is in the army.	CK	1
304635	He entered the army.	CK	1
2548097	Tom joined the army.	CK	1
2647395	Tom was in the army.	CK	1
262188	I went into the army.	CK	1
2646768	Were you in the army?	CK	1
304636	He is an army officer.	CK	1
2780802	I was in the army once.	sharptoothed	1
1025833	Tom enlisted in the Army.	CK	1
2544186	I'm going to join the army.	CK	1
295663	He was drafted into the army.	CK	1
659328	The army had plenty of weapons.	CK	1
1094957	Tom decided to enlist in the army.	CK	1
1027251	Tom abandoned his wife and joined the army.	CK	1
1092624	Tom tried to prevent Mary from joining the army.	CK	1
1094177	Tom enlisted in the army when he was 18 year old.	CK	1
2329340	I gave some of my old clothes to the Salvation Army.	CK	1
73306	If he could pass for eighteen years old, he'd join the army.	CK	1
1813164	I miss the army.	Amastan
1813144	Was he in the army?	Amastan
2011910	I want to join the army.	CK
237784	The army had to retreat.	CK
2198590	Why did you join the Army?	Hybrid
802197	They organized a state army.	Source_VOA
2550014	When did you enter the army?	sharptoothed
805380	He returned to the army camp.	Source_VOA
2643200	Tom refused to join the army.	CK
1222700	Many citizens joined the army.	CK
29218	Our army attacked the kingdom.	CM
237800	The army advanced up the hill.	CK
805368	The army forced him to resign.	Source_VOA
802216	They refused to join the army.	Source_VOA
319846	An army travels on its stomach.	CM
281374	Japan's army was very powerful.	CK
805369	Santa Ana's army was destroyed.	Source_VOA
237806	The army advanced on the enemy.	CK
480044	The army quelled the rebellion.	arbaro
805370	The Confederate army retreated.	Source_VOA
1813140	He likes to talk about the army.	Amastan
803107	He resigned and joined the army.	Source_VOA
295665	He was discharged from the army.	darinmex
3047613	I was conscripted into the army.	patgfisher
805371	The Union army shelled the city.	Source_VOA
3185263	Tom planned to stay in the army.	CK
2784460	Were you an officer in the army?	sharptoothed
279914	Germany then had a powerful army.	CK
805372	The army faced little opposition.	Source_VOA
804204	He joined the Army during the war.	Source_VOA
805373	Lee's army fought off each attack.	Source_VOA