English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Area" in Example Sentences
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2376140	I know the area.	CK	1
1887926	I was in the area.	CK	1
433994	The area was quiet.	CK	1
929143	I live in this area.	tatoebaforme	1
2007678	Let's clear this area.	CK	1
1010429	Do you know the area well?	AOCinJAPAN	1
2954946	You're in a restricted area.	CK	1
2376166	I know this area pretty well.	CK	1
2592859	It rarely snows in this area.	WestofEden	1
906877	What's your favorite ski area?	CK	1
2046828	The dining area is always busy.	CK	1
2046829	The dining area is rather busy.	CK	1
2486681	There is no beach in this area.	CK	1
2486683	There are no beaches in this area.	CK	1
2986647	Tom is going to stay in the Boston area.	CK	1
1308107	There are many wild animals in this area.	CK	1
2349010	This area is known for its beautiful scenery.	CK	1
3280276	Most of the islands in this area are inhabited.	CK	1
73417	Ten policemen were assigned to patrol that area.	mookeee	1
1026030	Tom doesn't like people who smoke in no smoking areas.	CK	1
1096064	The security guard told Tom that he couldn't take pictures in this area.	CK	1
2047765	There were three hundred cardboard boxes filled with old clothes ready to be sent to the disaster area.	CK	1
1499536	Clear the area, please.	MrShoval
1866502	I live in a rural area.	Spamster
2282048	It's a legal gray area.	Hybrid
2162690	That area's off-limits.	FeuDRenais
3343239	Do you live in the area?	CK
67949	Don't go into that area.	CM
1888617	I live in a remote area.	Spamster
1702651	This area is off-limits.	Spamster
1536223	Do you live in this area?	Anne_Paen
57920	The area is built up now.	CK
1888618	We live in a remote area.	Spamster
1401028	This is a restricted area.	CK
2945278	I know this area quite well.	CK
806974	It was an agricultural area.	Source_VOA
2543223	I thought you knew this area.	CK
57924	Water is scarce in this area.	CK
804054	British troops held that area.	Source_VOA
1071968	Do not walk outside this area.	Guybrush88
581209	It is regarded as a grey area.	CM
680239	They live in a beautiful area.	Source_VOA
2835683	We're checking the whole area.	CK
57690	What is the area of this city?	CK
273170	The river flooded a large area.	CK
60171	What is the area of this house?	CM
57196	Are you familiar with this area?	CK
275949	Most people live in urban areas.	CM
1898543	The area around here was bombed.	CK
57925	This area is extremely isolated.	CK