English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Approve" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2111381	They approve.	CK	1
2111200	Tom approved.	CK	1
2203596	Tom approves.	CK	1
2244883	Am I approved?	CK	1
2235659	Did Tom approve?	CK	1
2649006	It was approved.	CK	1
2235981	Tom approved it.	CK	1
3094196	Tom won't approve.	CK	1
2360947	I hope you approve.	CK	1
2236205	Tom didn't approve.	CK	1
3007632	I'm glad you approve.	CK	1
2240250	Tom wouldn't approve.	CK	1
2646264	Tom would not approve.	CK	1
17259	I approve of your plan.	CK	1
2458547	I think you'll approve.	CK	1
49670	I can't approve the plan.	CK	1
2458528	I think you will approve.	CK	1
2541905	I'm going to approve your plan.	CK	1
2361500	I don't think Tom would approve.	CK	1
2361371	I don't really approve of gambling.	CK	1
2315210	I don't care if Tom approves or not.	CK	1
2315189	I don't approve of what Tom has done.	CK	1
287789	His parents approve of the engagement.	CK	1
1094554	Tom doesn't approve of the way Mary's been behaving.	CK	1
1095511	Tom certainly didn't approve of the way Mary was behaving.	CK	1
1862553	He will not approve.	Spamster
1737456	He would not approve.	Spamster
320768	Mother approved my plan.	CM
314314	She approved of my plan.	CK
805468	The treaty was approved.	Source_VOA
1832159	I'm sure he would approve.	Spamster
805470	Spain approved the treaty.	Source_VOA
252827	I cannot approve your plan.	CM
3330681	I'm sure Tom would approve.	CK
901966	She approved of the wedding.	U2FS
1343916	He gave her an approving nod.	Chrikaru
680234	Did they approve your project?	Source_VOA
17662	I don't approve your decision.	CK
3330680	I'm sure Tom wouldn't approve.	CK
246288	The manager approved our plan.	CK
273057	The teacher approved his plan.	CK
2542159	Tom would never have approved.	CK
32154	All of us approved of the plan.	CK
2258744	I don't approve of his conduct.	_undertoad
680235	The team approved his proposal.	Source_VOA
287441	His father approved of his plan.	CK
260587	I don't approve of his decision.	CK
319324	My father doesn't approve of her.	CK
1533784	Any chance of us getting approved?	erikspen
298374	He didn't approve of wasting time.	CK