English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Appoint" in Example Sentences
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295164	He was appointed chairman.	CK	1
1027283	They appointed Tom chairman.	CK	1
680232	Tom appointed her as manager.	Source_VOA	1
388631	She was appointed chairperson.	CK	1
953887	I've been appointed to help you.	CK	1
284094	There is no hope of his being appointed.	bluepie88	1
1029766	Tom appointed Mary to act as his assistant.	CK	1
1094803	Tom didn't expect to be appointed chairman.	CK	1
271452	The government appointed a committee to investigate the accident.	CK	1
680231	They appointed a judge.	Source_VOA
307414	They appointed him manager.	CK
305655	They appointed Jim manager.	CK
256821	I was appointed chairperson.	CK
307407	They appointed him chairman.	CK
65126	The owners appointed him manager.	CK
307433	They appointed him as a director.	CK
307455	They appointed her to do the task.	CK
324179	The appointed day is close at hand.	CK
248023	We must appoint a new teacher soon.	CK
273349	Ms. Asada was appointed chairperson.	CK
1478181	They appointed Mr. White as manager.	CK
2264236	He was appointed adviser to the board.	sharptoothed
265389	The president appointed a new manager.	CK
290165	He appointed John to act as his deputy.	CK
301566	He was appointed ambassador to Britain.	CK
22706	We appointed him as our representative.	CK
324178	Be sure to come here by the appointed time.	CK
307754	We have no call to appoint him to the post.	CM
324177	Don't fail to come here by the appointed time.	CK
324175	Do not fail to come here by the appointed time.	CM
1487927	She showed up in the park at the appointed time.	arnxy20
32427	It was not long before he was appointed professor.	CM
3023967	This is Tom Jackson, your court appointed attorney.	CK
1477102	The board unanimously decided to appoint her as CEO.	weihaiping
277964	We have to appoint new members of the examining board.	CM
266134	The prime minister appoints the members of his cabinet.	CM
301569	He has just been appointed the U.S. Ambassador to Japan.	CK
1008785	He was just appointed as the American ambassador to Japan.	AOCinJAPAN
2836733	If you can't afford a lawyer, one will be appointed to you.	CK
1893609	We're talking about who we should appoint to that position.	CK
45490	The minister appointed one of his cronies to a key position.	CK
266593	The executive committee appointed him the president of the company.	CM
276307	There was a heated argument as to who should be appointed chairman.	CM
2247171	If you want a lawyer and can't afford one, one will be appointed to you.	CK
324479	Yuka fell in love the moment she was introduced to the newly-appointed English teacher.	CK
321065	Legal services will be provided by lawyers and other experts to be appointed by the government.	CM