English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Anxious" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1949093	I was anxious.	erikspen	1
2107452	Tom's anxious.	CK	1
2202572	We're anxious.	CK	1
2202571	Tom is anxious.	CK	1
3172414	Are you anxious?	CK	1
2713748	You seem anxious.	CK	1
2237199	Tom looks anxious.	CK	1
1867926	Tom seems anxious.	CK	1
2235992	Tom became anxious.	CK	1
2235959	Tom appeared anxious.	CK	1
17557	I'm anxious to see you.	CK	1
2452005	I'm anxious to succeed.	sharptoothed	1
2273146	Tom is getting anxious.	CK	1
2645823	Tom looks very anxious.	CK	1
2892901	Why are you so anxious?	CK	1
2544220	I'm anxious to get started.	CK	1
2852980	Tom was anxious to meet you.	CK	1
291285	He is anxious to read the book.	CK	1
311194	She's anxious to know the results.	CK	1
1028596	Tom is anxious to know how Mary is.	CK	1
2360428	I have to admit I'm a little anxious.	CK	1
290079	He was anxious for fame.	CM
2258854	I'm anxious to meet her.	_undertoad
2957061	Tom is anxious to leave.	CK
2645277	Tom still seems anxious.	CK
292089	He is anxious to see you.	CK
312712	She was anxious for help.	CK
249347	We are anxious for peace.	Nero
307511	They're anxious for peace.	CM
2986322	Tom is anxious to see you.	CK
288741	He was anxious to meet you.	CK
310264	She is anxious to meet you.	CK
258707	I'm anxious for a promotion.	CM
312953	She is anxious to go abroad.	CK
53488	He is anxious to go with you.	CK
261239	I was anxious for her safety.	CK
261255	I'm anxious about her health.	CM
285479	I'm anxious about his safety.	CM
29103	We are anxious for your help.	CK
302574	He is anxious for her to come.	CK
290008	He was very anxious to please.	CM
285982	I am anxious about his health.	CM
258627	I am anxious about the future.	CK
286948	I was anxious for his success.	CM
20133	I've been anxious to meet you.	CK
1849151	She was anxious about her job.	AsliAbbasi
302774	He is anxious about her health.	CM
298779	He is anxious about his future.	CK
290747	He is anxious about the result.	CK
288849	He is anxious to go to America.	CK