English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Antique" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1442232	She loves antiques.	CK	1
1164528	Tom collects antiques.	CK	1
296454	He has an eye for antiques.	Eldad	1
2361952	I've always liked antiques.	CK	1
310351	She has an eye for antiques.	CK	1
2539732	I'm sorry I broke your antique lamp.	CK	1
316619	She has some beautiful antique furniture.	CK	1
1092890	Tom spent all day looking around antique shops.	CK	1
1027552	I doubt that Tom would ever consider selling his antique car.	CK	1
1442233	She really likes antiques.	CK
239837	An antique pot was dug out.	CM
60868	This table is a priceless antique.	CK
1731504	He is experienced in valuing antiques.	Chrikaru
241524	Antique carpets are especially valuable.	CK
3001588	I didn't know you were interested in antiques.	CK
295602	He came across this old coin in an antique shop.	CK
59370	This antique clock is worth one thousand dollars.	CK
27272	Can you tell me where the nearest antique shop is?	Dejo
2892179	This antique clock is in nearly perfect condition.	CK
954165	Many people think that antique cars are overpriced.	CK
257997	I bought this old clock at an antique stall in the market.	Nero
434204	My grandfather has an antique television that he wants to give me.	lukaszpp
3002002	I think I might be interested in buying one of your antique chairs.	CK
29288	I'm looking for information on the Anderson Antique Shop in London.	CK
246357	The antiques my father left when he died turned out to be nothing but worthless junk.	CK