English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Anger" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2243041	They angered me.	CK	1
2240262	Tom's anger faded.	CK	1
2240263	Tom's anger subsided.	CK	1
2644727	We understand your anger.	CK	1
2301406	I can understand your anger.	CK	1
259649	I couldn't control my anger.	herrsilen	1
2821414	Tom couldn't hide his anger.	CK	1
289548	He is subject to fits of anger.	CK	1
1095142	Tom couldn't contain his anger.	CK	1
1026615	Tom couldn't control his anger.	CK	1
1027873	Tom took out his anger on Mary.	CK	1
1095072	Tom couldn't restrain his anger.	CK	1
1095049	Tom couldn't suppress his anger.	CK	1
1026573	Tom couldn't hold back his anger.	CK	1
1029455	Tom concealed his anger from Mary.	CK	1
680199	Tom took a class to learn how to manage his anger.	Source_VOA	1
3191814	Tom has anger issues.	patgfisher
3022267	Tom is slow to anger.	sharptoothed
301875	He was prone to anger.	CM
309590	Her anger was genuine.	CM
282618	He exploded with anger.	CM
2703353	He suppressed his anger.	WestofEden
2133953	I need to vent my anger.	shanghainese
680200	Anger is hard to control.	Source_VOA
285818	Anger showed on his face.	CM
289545	He is burning with anger.	Eldad
293303	He often shows his anger.	CM
313190	She flared up with anger.	CM
315961	She turned away in anger.	CM
289547	He was blazing with anger.	CM
642071	He was seething with anger.	Nero
315974	She was burning with anger.	CK
301867	He banged the door in anger.	CK
428629	Her anger is understandable.	sacredceltic
285212	His anger is understandable.	CM
287685	His eyes flashed with anger.	CM
2770599	Tom tried to hide his anger.	CK
17498	You have no cause for anger.	CK
2053472	I could not control my anger.	halfb1t
301887	He could not control his anger.	CK
301885	He tried to restrain his anger.	CM
2958375	Tom tried to conceal his anger.	CK
2741474	Tom tried to control his anger.	CK
33165	Bob could not control his anger.	CK
301873	He ran out of the room in anger.	CK
301882	He tried to hold back his anger.	CK
680198	Tom's anger hurt their marriage.	Source_VOA
315971	Her voice was shaking with anger.	CK
287684	His eyes were blazing with anger.	CM
2121193	Jim managed to control his anger.	AlanF_US