English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Among" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2240808	We're among friends.	CK	1
2218079	You're among friends.	CK	1
23254	We agreed among ourselves.	CK	1
2450001	Divide this among yourselves.	sharptoothed	1
17628	Divide the cake among you three.	Swift	1
2450047	They quarreled among themselves.	sharptoothed	1
37063	Tom is ill at ease among strangers.	CK	1
315633	She was chosen from among many students.	CK	1
247493	He believes that there is a spy among us.	Eldad	1
2412513	Tom and Mary were among the new arrivals.	CK	1
2682705	He divided the apples among the five of us.	CK	1
73464	We divided ten dollars among the five of us.	CK	1
2412514	Tom and Mary were among the ones who didn't come.	CK	1
37187	Tom became popular among teenagers as soon as he made his debut on the screen.	CK	1
260853	I sat among them.	CM
2773395	You are among friends.	carlosalberto
298194	He is popular among us.	Zifre
1476509	Who among us is perfect?	darinmex
315042	She stood among the boys.	CM
26627	He was among those chosen.	NekoKanjya
29077	We walked among the trees.	CK
2550034	Divide the money among you.	sharptoothed
761868	There's a traitor among us.	Zifre
23357	We have a traitor among us.	CK
55131	Choose one from among these.	CK
46336	The boy sat among the girls.	CK
16753	You are now among the elite.	CK
2673825	Divide the candles among you.	marcelostockle
323593	I see a house among the trees.	CK
680188	It is nice to be among family.	Source_VOA
305166	A harmony prevailed among them.	CM
1514116	German cars are among the best.	wrarshad91
298008	He is included among my friend.	CK
1758347	It's popular among the elderly.	Guybrush88
282055	The cat hid among the branches.	CM
55132	Choose any one from among these.	CK
715037	There is no honor among thieves.	Scott
49984	Divide the pizza among you three.	CK
276841	They are very popular among boys.	CK
286391	This is the best among his works.	Nero
2774048	Tom was listed among the missing.	sharptoothed
680187	We're choosing among those ideas.	Source_VOA
29689	A squirrel hid among the branches.	CM
1276667	He is a gentleman among gentlemen.	CK
296710	He is among the best jazz singers.	CK
441338	There is honor even among thieves.	FeuDRenais
22846	We shared the profit among us all.	CK
55175	Choose one from among these prizes.	CK
1699402	It's popular among senior citizens.	Spamster
1088163	She is among those unaccounted for.	sacredceltic