English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Although" in Example Sentences
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2450017	I'll be there, although I may be late.	sharptoothed	1
26937	Although it rained, everyone had a good time.	CK	1
2951497	Although Tom is sick, he's planning on going to school.	CK	1
2951498	Although Tom is sick, he plans to get his homework done on time.	CK	1
272543	Although it is snowing, I must go.	CM
724600	Although I was tired, I did my best.	Eldad
1565508	Although it was raining, I went out.	Guybrush88
2951500	Although Tom is sick, he's swimming.	CK
684930	Although he is rich, he is not happy.	Eldad
292152	Although he is very old, he is strong.	Zifre
680172	Although the sun was out, it was cold.	Source_VOA
295487	Although he is rich he works very hard.	CM
843958	Although he is young, he is very careful.	J_S
434194	Although he's young, he has a grey beard.	lukaszpp
724601	Although I was tired, I did my very best.	Eldad
63517	Although it was raining, I had to go out.	eastasiastudent
304614	Although he may be clever, he is not wise.	CM
326409	Although old, he is still very much alive.	CM
681390	Although he has many friends, he is lonely.	Source_VOA
288639	Although he is over 70, he is still active.	CM
2554172	Although it was very late, he kept working.	DiscoNostalgia
1008780	Although I really hate grammar, it's useful.	AOCinJAPAN
1008803	Although she lives nearby, I rarely see her.	AOCinJAPAN
282274	Although natto smells awful, it is delicious.	CK
950272	Although you are rich, I doubt you are happy.	spockofvulcan
1666312	Although I was exhausted, I continued to work.	kerbear407
843927	Although she has many weaknesses, I trust her.	J_S
18735	Although her house is nearby, I seldom see her.	FSLian
562902	Although she is rich, she dresses quite simply.	kebukebu
662594	Although he's young, he's an outstanding doctor.	bluepie88
2951499	Although Tom is sick, he's swimming again today.	CK
302940	Although he was tired, he would not stop working.	CK
1838305	Although they were not guilty, they were charged.	LanguageExpert
290279	Although he was exhausted, he had to keep working.	CM
283356	Although he was wrong, he didn't say he was sorry.	CM
1008955	Although I may be unhappy, I won't commit suicide.	AOCinJAPAN
895099	Although I was tired, I did what I was able to do.	pauldhunt
251084	Although my car is very old, it still runs very well.	CK
316555	Although she was tired, she tried to finish the work.	al_ex_an_der
1842024	Although I didn't like math, I had to study logarithms.	Eldad
37822	The child had no overcoat on although it was very cold.	CK
41050	Although he had many toys, his greed made him want more.	CM
1842970	Although I did not like math, I had to learn logarithms.	MrShoval
41139	Although it is a very difficult task, I will do my best.	CK
366329	Although she is gone, I still love her more than anything.	exodream
366335	Although he is gone, I still love him more than everything.	exodream
325364	Although the arguments were rational, he was not convinced.	CM
307729	Although they are twins, they have few interests in common.	CM
2264643	Although they were brothers, they were not on speaking terms.	_undertoad
65251	Although Eri's suitcase looks heavy, it's actually very light.	CK