English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Alarm" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2248119	I'm not alarmed.	CK	1
1841190	Don't be alarmed.	CK	1
2237196	Tom looks alarmed.	CK	1
2548967	Tom set his alarm.	CK	1
323805	The alarm went off.	CK	1
2237186	Tom looked alarmed.	CK	1
323809	Turn off the alarm.	CK	1
2334079	I hate alarm clocks.	CK	1
23849	The fire alarm rang.	CK	1
1177592	Tom heard the alarm.	CK	1
2270313	Don't be too alarmed.	CK	1
2276668	My alarm didn't go off.	CK	1
23848	The fire alarm sounded.	NekoKanjya	1
2406231	I see no cause for alarm.	CK	1
2281752	We didn't hear any alarms.	CK	1
68827	I didn't want to alarm you.	CK	1
2358838	I have a travel alarm clock.	CK	1
1831039	I didn't hear my alarm clock.	Tamy	1
2095497	Someone turned the alarm off.	CK	1
1950647	I can't afford an alarm system.	CK	1
2642070	Tom set his alarm clock for 2:30.	CK	1
1025735	Tom forgot to set his alarm clock.	CK	1
1095499	Tom certainly didn't sound alarmed.	CK	1
1904277	If the alarm rings, walk, don't run.	CK	1
323808	I'll set the alarm for seven o'clock.	CK	1
280693	All of a sudden, the fire alarm went off.	CK	1
455287	The smoke alarm has never been maintained.	CK	1
323801	I overslept because my alarm didn't go off.	CK	1
1092944	Tom set the alarm clock to go off 6:00 a.m.	CK	1
1093660	Tom has just installed an alarm system in his house.	CK	1
1092116	When Tom leaves at night, he turns on the burglar alarm.	CK	1
1024656	Tom jumped out of bed as soon as the alarm clock went off.	CK	1
2396312	Our fire alarm sometimes goes off when my mother is cooking something in the kitchen.	CK	1
1897864	Sound the alarm!	Spamster
662772	The alarm sounded.	bluepie88
1977340	It was a false alarm.	Spamster
295384	He cried out in alarm.	CM
2264346	Set the alarm for six.	sharptoothed
2264468	What was that alarm for?	sharptoothed
2264186	Do you sell alarm clocks?	sharptoothed
323810	The alarm woke up Mayuko.	CK
2644790	Tom turned off the alarm.	CK
32390	Mayuko jumped up in alarm.	CK
690133	The alarm clock is ringing.	Eldad
2543969	Tom set his alarm for 2:30.	CK
68805	I did not want to alarm you.	CM
2565539	It's probably a false alarm.	Hybrid
3121669	Tom looked a little alarmed.	CK
2372739	I just heard an alarm go off.	CK
305826	They were alarmed at the news.	CM