English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Affair" in Example Sentences
Page 1

575569	It was a terrible affair.	CK	1
321454	Don't interfere in my affairs.	CM	1
42113	It was a one-sided love affair.	CK	1
2019113	Do you want to talk about the affair?	CK	1
252804	I don't mean to poke my nose into your affairs.	CK	1
42358	That's my affair.	CM
42376	That is my own affair.	CM
42128	It was a strange affair.	CM
264771	Tend to your own affairs.	CM
20130	Put your affairs in order.	CK
250995	Don't meddle in my affairs.	CM
285025	Don't meddle in his affairs.	CM
298788	He put his affairs in order.	CK
308984	Her gown was a cheap affair.	CM
400143	That affair made him famous.	CK
3155845	Tom put his affairs in order.	CK
2264352	She had a very unhappy affair.	sharptoothed
32769	Tend to your own affairs first.	CM
31810	Meg attends many school affairs.	CM
274703	Don't interfere in others' affairs.	CM
254410	I am not concerned with the affair.	CM
290897	He expressed regret over the affair.	CK
253507	I am not concerned with this affair.	CM
2890334	Tom is putting his affairs in order.	sharptoothed
274704	Don't pry into the affairs of others.	CK
2266031	He administered his friend's affairs.	_undertoad
294678	He knows a lot about foreign affairs.	CK
249798	I have lots of affairs to look after.	CM
29001	I have nothing to do with the affair.	CK
55543	This is really a very strange affair.	CM
289906	He has no connection with this affair.	CK
2258192	Don't meddle in other people's affairs.	_undertoad
269963	Don't meddle in other people's affairs.	CK
304391	He got mixed up in his friend's affair.	CK
286419	His business affairs are in good shape.	CK
2043991	I think he was involved in that affair.	nava
311261	She has nothing to do with that affair.	CM
1492108	Take care of your own affairs yourself.	nknight
2264484	Why don't you tend to your own affairs?	sharptoothed
298881	He confided in me about his love affair.	CK
695217	This whole affair stinks to high heaven.	darinmex
48374	The affair cost me many sleepless nights.	CK
305781	They are going to investigate the affair.	CK
269923	Don't interfere in other people's affairs.	CK
2266279	He got involved in shady business affairs.	_undertoad
1655360	He is having an affair with his secretary.	Spamster
253621	I don't want to be involved in this affair.	CM
2264216	He handled the affairs of the company badly.	sharptoothed
47231	We expect an early settlement of the affair.	CK
290908	He denied having been involved in the affair.	CK