English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Advantage" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2547497	We have an advantage.	CK	1
2646254	We have one advantage.	CK	1
2892421	We do have one advantage.	CK	1
2545034	You've got the advantage.	CK	1
3168093	We may have one advantage.	CK	1
1635749	Tom took advantage of a tax loophole.	Spamster	1
2026378	I don't want to take advantage of them.	CK	1
2026885	I don't want to take advantage of anyone.	CK	1
2028363	I don't want them to take advantage of me.	CK	1
887319	She often takes advantage of his ignorance.	CK	1
35411	In basketball, tall players have an advantage.	jakov	1
1092924	Tom should take advantage of this opportunity.	CK	1
1153022	You should take advantage of this opportunity.	CK	1
241629	It will be to your advantage to study hard now.	CM	1
3003240	I wonder what the advantage of this technique is.	CK	1
1095400	Tom certainly knew how to take advantage of Mary.	CK	1
278801	We took advantage of the fine weather to play tennis.	CK	1
1025936	Tom doesn't think there is any advantage of doing it the way you suggest we do it.	CK	1
1044899	Tom thought it was a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity that Mary had given him.	CK	1
42164	It is to his advantage.	CM
2282924	He took advantage of me.	Hybrid
1737373	He has a small advantage.	Spamster
2545563	I was taken advantage of.	CK
2282922	You took advantage of me.	Hybrid
314411	She has an advantage over me.	CK
297970	He took advantage of my youth.	CM
284906	He has the advantage of wealth.	CM
2014316	I want to take advantage of it.	CK
2264496	You have an advantage over him.	sharptoothed
23428	Our plan has lots of advantages.	CK
3153768	This should give us the advantage.	CK
23276	We have every advantage over them.	CK
257370	I took advantage of an opportunity.	CK
314387	She took advantage of my ignorance.	CK
2258190	Don't let him take advantage of you.	_undertoad
2264366	Take advantage of every opportunity.	sharptoothed
41366	There is no advantage in doing that.	Swift
2195045	He took advantage of the opportunity.	Hybrid
20767	It's an advantage to be good looking.	jakov
286610	Stop taking advantage of his weakness.	CK
61809	There is no advantage in staying here.	CK
59832	We will take advantage of this chance.	CK
269916	Don't let anyone take advantage of you.	CK
2264192	Don't let people take advantage of you.	sharptoothed
2264294	I wish to take advantage of your offer.	sharptoothed
52662	John took advantage of Bill's weakness.	CK
1475604	I can't see the advantage of doing that.	CK
23429	Our plan has many additional advantages.	Swift
1498804	Tom took advantage of Mary's misfortune.	Spamster
309373	You're taking advantage of her weakness.	CM