English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Advance" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2389851	I paid in advance.	CK	1
319625	Pay your rent in advance.	CK	1
273623	Can you pay me in advance?	CK	1
262650	We advanced to the finals.	CK	1
273635	Do you sell advance tickets here?	CK	1
273637	Do you want me to pay in advance?	CK	1
1433776	Why didn't you tell me in advance?	NekoKanjya	1
3195672	You should have told me in advance.	Tappity	1
1029985	Tom advanced Mary two week's salary.	CK	1
9581	You should pay your rent in advance.	CK	1
1396442	The recent advances in medicine are remarkable.	CK	1
269844	I was uncertain whether to advance or to retreat.	CK	1
3148368	Let me know in advance when you're coming to Boston.	CK	1
69935	You had better ask him in advance how much it will cost.	CK	1
3168230	I'm going to teach one of Tom's advanced classes while he's in Boston.	CK	1
72774	Advance two steps.	CM
273600	Thanks in advance.	CK
29863	Thank you in advance.	CK
273598	You must pay in advance.	CK
71119	You'll be told in advance.	CK
305378	They advanced on the enemy.	CM
307016	They advanced to the river.	CM
273610	You have to pay in advance.	CK
273622	You need to pay in advance.	CK
273640	Do I have to pay in advance?	Zifre
3185849	Do I need to pay in advance?	CK
701967	They have to pay in advance.	qdii
255627	I'll let you know in advance.	CK
297460	He advanced me a week's wages.	CM
237800	The army advanced up the hill.	CK
300715	He sent his luggage in advance.	Eldad
259122	I will let you know in advance.	CK
2267641	Payment is required in advance.	_undertoad
237806	The army advanced on the enemy.	CK
2264178	Could you advance me some money?	sharptoothed
289469	He borrowed the money in advance.	CK
237793	The troops advanced twenty miles.	CM
324742	All the seats are sold in advance.	CM
19528	Can I get an advance on my salary?	NekoKanjya
2361032	I insist on being paid in advance.	CK
1256699	May I have an advance on my salary?	NekoKanjya
54482	Thank you in advance for your help.	kebukebu
237804	The army has advanced to the river.	CM
245289	The officer told his men to advance.	CM
264249	We advanced the date of the meeting.	CK
22647	We advanced under cover of darkness.	CK
64075	Father advanced me a week's allowance.	CM
299402	He advanced his departure by two days.	CK
320122	The soldiers advanced toward the town.	CK
533085	Their equipment is extremely advanced.	FeuDRenais