English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Adopt" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2111763	I'm adopted.	CK	1
2107442	Tom's adopted.	CK	1
2649137	Is Tom adopted?	CK	1
2240287	We adopted Tom.	CK	1
1550048	Tom was adopted.	Spamster	1
2255253	You were adopted.	CK	1
3313154	We adopted a baby.	CK	1
263053	We adopted a child.	CK	1
302761	He adopted her idea.	CM	1
290768	He adopted the orphan.	CK	1
305757	They adopted the orphan.	CK	1
1029987	Tom adopted Mary's idea.	CK	1
1027215	Tom adopted a new policy.	CK	1
2290325	I didn't know I was adopted.	CK	1
250304	My plan was adopted by them.	CK	1
291023	They adopted the little girl.	CK	1
3201217	Have you told Tom he's adopted?	CK	1
17184	I liked your idea and adopted it.	CK	1
249352	We adopted an alternative method.	CK	1
1029963	Tom and Mary adopted three children.	CK	1
1027214	Tom adopted our method of bookkeeping.	CK	1
22536	His proposals were adopted at the meeting.	CK	1
1092408	Tom was hoping the committee would adopt his proposal.	CK	1
3148295	Tom was adopted by a couple in Boston when he was three years old.	CK	1
1029962	Tom and Mary adopted two children whose parents had been killed by a suicide bomber.	CK	1
1886366	Apparently I'm adopted.	CK
2264266	I can't adopt your view.	sharptoothed
2645306	Tom said he was adopted.	CK
2644624	You said Tom was adopted.	CK
291062	He adopted the new method.	CK
306913	They adopted a new policy.	CK
1500617	They adopted my viewpoint.	Eldad
305831	They adopted the proposal.	CK
2259523	They adopted a little girl.	_undertoad
2259677	They've adopted a new plan.	_undertoad
2264426	This child has been adopted.	sharptoothed
287206	We should adopt his proposal.	CK
1500616	They adopted my point of view.	Eldad
238652	My plan was eventually adopted.	CK
1413465	My wife wants to adopt a child.	CK
49658	The committee adopted the plan.	CK
3310249	We've decided to adopt a child.	CK
244157	My wife wanted to adopt a child.	CK
3201288	Tom told everyone I was adopted.	CK
395699	I think we should adopt his plan.	CK
3201636	Tom told everyone he was adopted.	CK
3202009	Tom told everyone Mary was adopted.	CK
17170	We have decided to adopt your idea.	CK
15819	You ought to have adopted his plan.	Swift
48533	The plan was adopted at the meeting.	CM