English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Add" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2549477	Tom added water.	CK	1
19454	Add a little milk.	CK	1
2648168	Add it to the list.	CK	1
42892	Add more water to it.	CK	1
2573349	I have nothing to add.	VirtuOZ	1
21099	Please add up the bill.	CK	1
1177482	Tom had nothing to add.	CK	1
953245	Don't add too much salt.	CK	1
301574	He added to his savings.	CK	1
291076	He added up the figures.	CK	1
31307	Add a little more pepper.	CK	1
2064686	Something doesn't add up.	CK	1
1027228	Tom added up the numbers.	CK	1
436477	I can't add anything else.	lukaszpp	1
271026	Please add up the numbers.	CK	1
252502	I added a room to my house.	CK	1
1025556	Tom had nothing more to add.	CK	1
29696	I added his name to the list.	CK	1
271236	What does all this add up to?	CK	1
1811814	I have nothing to add to that.	pne	1
1027230	Tom added a room to his house.	CK	1
322954	Please add my name to the list.	CK	1
1531895	Tom told Mary not to add sugar.	Spamster	1
2064908	Do you have something to add, Tom?	CK	1
291536	He added that he didn't believe it.	CK	1
2833884	I have nothing else to add to that.	Nero	1
1223574	I'm adding the finishing touches now.	CK	1
289814	He added a little sugar to the coffee.	CK	1
2026974	What we want to do next is add some salt.	CK	1
296334	He added a little sugar and milk to his tea.	CK	1
1038964	Adding comments makes reading the code easier.	CK	1
246045	The children are learning to add and subtract.	CK	1
1096040	Tom added some interesting spices to the stew.	CK	1
1026361	Tom didn't know how many cups of sugar to add.	CK	1
1094872	Tom diced the carrots and added them to the stew.	CK	1
250812	Would you like to add anything to what I've said?	CK	1
1027231	Tom added a few finishing touches to the painting.	CK	1
2034506	Is there anything you want to add to what I just said?	CK	1
1027227	Tom adds a little money to his savings account each month.	CK	1
1027229	Tom added his name to the list of people who wanted to attend the dance.	CK	1
1438673	Tom added his own name to the list of people who wanted to take part in the dance.	Chrikaru	1
2264137	Add it to my bill.	sharptoothed
31726	May I add a point?	CM
1671798	That doesn't add up.	Spamster
240973	Add sugar to the tea.	Zifre
55153	Add up these figures.	CK
2264141	Add water to the soup.	sharptoothed
611377	Don't add annotations.	CK
2216203	We added something new.	Guybrush88
2645556	Add my name to the list.	CK