English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Actor" in Example Sentences
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302398	He is an actor.	CK	1
2649011	Is Tom an actor?	CK	1
305382	They are actors.	CK	1
2272936	Tom is an actor.	CK	1
2547980	You're a good actor.	CK	1
2090871	I want to be an actor.	CK	1
1167533	Tom is a talented actor.	CK	1
304453	He became a famous actor.	CK	1
953841	I'm not much of an actor.	CK	1
240693	Who's your favorite actor?	CK	1
70477	Who is your favorite actor?	CK	1
284892	He lacks the talent to be an actor.	Swift	1
908674	Who's your favorite American actor?	CK	1
1027250	Tom abandoned the hope of becoming an actor.	CK	1
250016	I have a friend whose father is a famous actor.	CK	1
44507	The actor died at the height of his popularity.	CK	1
2001892	I love these actors.	Guybrush88
2611968	My dad was an actor.	Guybrush88
680077	Brad Pitt is an actor.	Source_VOA
2711709	That actor's quite a ham.	sharptoothed
2956088	Tom became a famous actor.	CK
289330	He is a waiter and an actor.	CK
2796874	Tom is an outstanding actor.	sharptoothed
453668	He should have been an actor.	FeuDRenais
302399	He ought to have been an actor.	CK
908686	Who's your favorite child actor?	CK
373672	He is a waiter and also an actor.	human600
294495	He is not a singer, but an actor.	CM
727740	I don't think he's a great actor.	CK
1479257	I have never heard of this actor.	weihaiping
46802	That young actor is a James Dean.	CK
680119	A talent agency represents actors.	Source_VOA
1223472	An actor has to memorize his lines.	CK
2970525	Peter O'Toole is my favorite actor.	CK
291221	He became acquainted with the actor.	CK
282423	The actors are waiting on the stage.	CK
908716	Who's your favorite Hollywood actor?	CK
908673	Who's your favorite actor or actress?	CK
680078	Do you want to be an actor in a movie?	Source_VOA
316142	She had a picture taken with an actor.	CM
282422	Actors are used to appearing in public.	Zifre
2267939	The actor played the part with feeling.	_undertoad
67867	That actor is both handsome and skillful.	CM
33591	A boxer and an actor are coming toward us.	CM
680718	The actor had a dispute with his director.	Source_VOA
269307	A new actor was billed to appear as Hamlet.	CM
44512	The actor came out from behind the curtain.	CK
3045703	The actor walked on stage carrying a spear.	sharptoothed
2163148	The actor's career lasted for thirty years.	Source_VOA
282421	The actors appeared in historical costumes.	CK