English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Accurate" in Example Sentences
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2123615	It's accurate.	CK	1
2111465	That's accurate.	CK	1
2248478	Is that accurate?	CK	1
2248641	Is this accurate?	CK	1
2249076	It's fairly accurate.	CK	1
58918	This clock is accurate.	CK	1
2546109	I'd say that's accurate.	CK	1
2953714	We need accurate information.	CK	1
387412	This data isn't accurate at all.	CK	1
251034	My watch is accurate.	CK
1965426	This is pretty accurate.	Guybrush88
251021	My watch is very accurate.	CK
2266239	He gave an accurate report.	_undertoad
58921	The watch keeps accurate time.	CK
1268817	His data is not accurate at all.	jared1981
3310541	I'm not sure how accurate that is.	CK
55283	This data is anything but accurate.	CM
67894	The clock on that tower is accurate.	Eldad
251026	My watch is more accurate than yours.	CK
290901	He made an accurate report of the incident.	CK
44121	The sentence is not grammatically accurate.	CK
1293092	Unfortunately, the information is accurate.	CK
70549	Your analysis of the situation is accurate.	CM
25169	Give me an accurate report of what happened.	NekoKanjya
3204585	Everything I've told you may not be accurate.	CK