English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Accountant" in Example Sentences
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2247916	I'm an accountant.	CK	1
1025092	Tom is an accountant.	CK	1
2646275	Tom was an accountant.	CK	1
2275385	Don't you have an accountant?	CK	1
2387647	I need to hire an accountant.	CK	1
2376570	I know you hired an accountant.	CK	1
1961492	I thought Tom was an accountant.	CK	1
2046926	Tax season is a very busy time of year for accountants.	CK	1
2358968	I have an accountant to do that.	CK
295719	He is an accountant at the company.	CK
30976	Hello, is the accountant there, please?	CK
22459	The accountant was blamed for the mistake.	NekoKanjya
284758	He has the capacity to become an accountant.	CM
22456	The accountant would not concede the mistake.	NekoKanjya
1355400	An arrest warrant was issued for the company's accountant.	darinmex
682134	Many people hire accountants to help them with their tax returns.	Source_VOA
53679	I left Jeremy poring over his notes for his first accountancy exam tomorrow.	CM
22461	When the accountant was arrested, rumour had it that it was for his creative bookkeeping.	Zifre