English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Abandon" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2648740	Tom abandoned me.	CK	1
2235597	Was Tom abandoned?	CK	1
2243008	They abandoned Tom.	CK	1
2243009	They abandoned you.	CK	1
1581996	Tom abandoned them.	Spamster	1
2271940	I won't abandon you.	CK	1
2272658	Tom has abandoned me.	CK	1
290793	He abandoned the idea.	CK	1
290731	He abandoned the plan.	CK	1
1950635	You can't abandon Tom.	CK	1
2955443	Tom abandoned the idea.	CK	1
2955444	Tom abandoned the plan.	CK	1
294456	He abandoned his family.	CK	1
305742	They abandoned the plan.	CK	1
2303587	I can't just abandon Tom.	CK	1
314675	She abandoned her children.	CK	1
23025	We had to abandon our plan.	CK	1
302402	He hid in an abandoned building.	CK	1
307177	They abandoned the sinking ship.	CK	1
1635796	Tom was abandoned by his parents.	Spamster	1
1963603	Do you think we should abandon ship?	CK	1
305959	They abandoned the fort to the enemy.	CK	1
1027252	Tom abandoned his plan to build a factory.	CK	1
293631	He abandoned his hope of becoming a doctor.	CK	1
1027251	Tom abandoned his wife and joined the army.	CK	1
256508	I have abandoned the idea of buying a house.	CK	1
1027250	Tom abandoned the hope of becoming an actor.	CK	1
2955439	Tom abandoned his family and moved to Boston.	CK	1
1096045	Tom abandoned the idea of buying a new truck.	CK	1
903801	I think it's time for me to abandon that idea.	CK	1
903802	I think it's time for me to abandon that plan.	CK	1
1027253	Tom abandoned his family and went into hiding.	CK	1
1950634	We can't abandon Tom just when he needs our help.	CK	1
1096046	Tom abandoned his dream of becoming an oceanographer.	CK	1
1027249	Tom abandoned the project because he didn't have enough money.	CK	1
1027254	Tom abandoned his car that had run out of gasoline and started walking.	CK	1
273489	Abandon ship!	CK
2647995	Tom abandoned Mary.	CK
1963044	We must abandon ship.	CK
290339	He abandoned all hope.	CK
1318051	She abandoned her sons.	Eldad
2299504	Why did you abandon me?	Hybrid
1615175	They abandoned the ship.	Spamster
2955440	Tom abandoned his family.	CK
2544512	Tom wouldn't abandon Mary.	CK
1103166	Why have you abandoned me?	supplementfacts
268428	The crew abandoned the ship.	CK
610834	We have to abandon the plan.	shanghainese
3329901	I'm not going to abandon you.	CK
306480	They abandoned their country.	Eldad