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I used to dance here every day.

I have accused Lorna of being a thief.

June tried to send Myk away.

Ms. Maekawa is not able to ask Leslie a question the same as Leslie.

Dale wouldn't tell me why he had agreed with Patrick.

三輪さんがモーリーが眠りに落ちるのを見守る かないかは私にとって重要ではない。
I don't care whether Mrs. Miwa will watch Maury go to sleep or not.

Elizabeth is talking to Royce.

You can't inform Nic by telephone here.

Do you remember having asked for Stephon's help?

医者はタイソンにタイソンに助言を求める ように言った。
The doctor advised Tyson to ask for Tyson's advice.

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