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トロイのあごを割る かどうかはバリーに聞きなさい。
Ask Barry if he will break Troy's jaw.

Because of illness, Fernando couldn't give Mary a seat.

カルロスがランドールのおなかを殴る かないかは私にどうでもよいことだ。
I don't care whether Carlos hits Landall in the stomach or not.

Darrell can't have called on Lindsey.

私はトミーの髪を短く刈る のを楽しんだ。
I enjoyed cutting Tommie's hair short.

At last, Herbert wrapped Seth in a warm blanket.

Felice won't take Navid bowling, according to Allison.

森岡さんはサラの髪を短く刈る ことが好きだ。
Ms. Morioka likes cutting Sarah's hair short.

I attempted to watch Melissa disappear.

すぐに歌う ほうがよさそうだ。
I may as well sing at once.

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