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エドワードは、時々、自転車で来る 。
Edward sometimes comes by bicycle.

Mama, may I go weighing Luke?

キャシーは来週トレヴァに助言を求める つもりだ。
Kathy intends to ask for Treva's advice next week.

松崎さんはポーターを逮捕する のが好きです。
Mr. Matsuzaki likes to arrest Porter.

I don't care whether Fred asks for Stephanie's help or not.

Will you look straight at the mirror with Cullen?

That typhoon prevented me from helping the Swede friend.

Can't Asante call Linda?

When did you kiss Kirk hello?

デイヴィスがあの時計を買う かどうかは気にしない。
I don't care whether Davis buys that watch or not.

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