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I think it's better not to bow.

あなたががザックをバードウォッチングに連れて行く まいが、私は少しもかまわない。
It makes no difference to me whether you take Zac bird watching or not.

Do I have to help Jordan hang the picture on the wall there at once?

ティモシーを車で家まで送る のに4時間以上もかかりました。
It took me more than four hours to give Timothy a ride home.

You will be able to squeeze Suzanne's hand well next summer.

It's no use borrowing money from Rusty.

I can't give Tamlyn a wrong answer at all.

Earl said he could give Shanna an injection.

It seems that Aviva isn't able to call Rolando up.

カリーナは私がアイザック・フィッシャーに冷淡な視線を向ける のを許してくれた。
Karina allowed me to give Isaac Fisher an icy look.

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