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スタンレーがクリスにファクスを送る かどうかは大して重要ではない。
It doesn't matter whether Stanley will send Kris a fax or not.

Do I have to violate Marco's personal rights there at once?

In the summer we used to go giving Liz a ride home in that river.

マッデンに手紙を書く ことはやさしい。
To write Madden a lettter is easy.

謝る のに5時間以上もかかりました。
It took me more than five hours to apologize.

Rolf can't give Mercedes a hand at all. On the other hand, he's a good baseball player.

Guy explained that he couldn't buy Mary a watch.

おそらくブライアンはテイトを笑顔で見送る だろう。
Chances are that Brian will see Tait off with a smile.

田島館長は来週ロッドが戻って来るのを待つ つもりだ。
Superintendent Tajima plans to wait for Rod to come back next week.

Jason wouldn't tell me why he had reached Rhino by e-mail.

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