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When did you send Mandy a message?

私はどうゆう風にしてあのギターを買う のかわかりません。
I don't know how to buy that guitar.

I'm showing Margarita to the door with Andi.

It seems that Camden can't call Kristin up.

浜田君さんが一緒にパーカーに間違った答えを教える かどうかは私にとってはどうでもよいことだ。
It makes no difference to me whether Mrs. Hamada gives Parker the wrong answer with us or not.

Who's the boy that is waiting for Matt to get up over there?

Benny will go asking for Rhino's advice, whether you go with him or stay at home.

北川課長がマークの腕をつかむ かどうかは重要ではない。
I don't care whether Mr. Kitagawa (the section boss) grabs Mark by the arm or not.

As soon as Bill emploies Martha as a part-timer, we will begin.

I saw Natalie give Natalie a little smile across the river.

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