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私はフィルを訪れる のを楽しんだ。
I enjoyed calling on Phil.

When did you call Sandra on the phone?

You can call Lynn on the phone. However, I can't call Lynn on the phone.

キャロルは真っすぐラジオを見つめる のが好きだ。
Carol likes to look straight at the radio.

Don't call Shanna a taxi.

I've got to threaten to beat Larkin up now.

Brian said he could arrest Keith well.

Look at that boy who's teaching Larkin about negotiation.

吉野さんがパトリックにいくつかの質問をする かどうかは重要ではない。
It makes no difference whether Mr. Yoshino asks Patrick some questions or not.

It makes no difference whether you cut Kelli's hair short today or tomorrow.

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