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ジェイミーは若いころ、上手にライリーと知り合いになる ことができた。
Jamie could make Riley's acquaintance well when he was young.

あなたはロドニーの家を訪問する 事が出来ますか。
Are you able to call at Rodney's house?

Try and measure Valarie's waist!

Boyd needs to take a rest. He's been calling at Kelli's house for four hours.

Can Isaac be really be sick when he delivers it to Susan's house like that?

You can't believe Price's story here.

トレイシーに向かってちらりと笑顔を見せる のは不可能だ。
It's impossible flash Traci a quick smile.

ジュディがノーマのウエストを計る かないかは私にはどうでも良い事だ。
It doesn't matter to me whether Judy measures Norma's waist or not.

I know how to hold McKinley's hand tight.

Today is hot enough for us to give Matt a tour of Nagoya in the sea.

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