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吉本課長がリリーに日本の文化を紹介する のは、確定している。
It's definite that Section Chief Yoshimoto will help Lily discover Japanese culture.

ステファニーを笑顔で見送る のはちょっと気が進まない。
I'm a little hesitant about seing Stephanie off with a smile.

Today is hot so we can measure Nicolas's height in the ocean.

Earl doesn't need to wrap Marcy in a warm blanket today.

Fred told me not book Nate a room at a hotel.

セシリアが一緒にバレーボールをする かどうかは私にとってはどうでもよいことだ。
It doesn't matter to me whether Cecelia plays volleyball with us or not.

誰があなたにロバートが立ち去るところをじっと見送る のをおしえたの。
Who taught you to watch Robert disappear?

As soon as Ernie gives Sage a phone call, I will tell you.

I haven't seen anything of Kovar for some time.

Does Catherine have to give Lauren a ride home now?

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