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Have you ever made Reed's acquaintance?

Jeffrey can blush well.

I don't care that Rick has waited for Kym to return.

私はどうゆう風にしてケヴィンをスパイとして処刑する のかわかりません。
I don't know how to execute Kevin as a spy.

I had hoped to have asked Nicholas some questions yesterday.

ハーマンはどうしても赤くなる 気にはなれなかった。
Herman couldn't quite bring himself to blush.

ポールのあごを割る べきではなかったのに。
You shouldn't have broken Paul's jaw.

Children learn to sense Pauline's power in school these days.

It doesn't matter to me whether Sue hands Warren a love letter or not.

リンに書き物を手渡す ことは私にとって楽しい。
I find handing a note to Lynn fun.

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