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The doctor advised Kimberlee to give Kimberlee one last chance.

Before long Louise borrowed money from Victoria.

アドリアはラリーを怒鳴りつける と思いますか。
Do you think that Adria will shout at Larry angrily?

There's no use buying Scout a drink any longer.

アーサーはイヴェットにキスする のに同意した。
Arthur agreed that he would kiss Yvette.

Dwight isn't yet able to make Mitch's acquaintance.

Robert told me once and for all that he didn't want to slap Suzanne around again.

Because of illness, Bailey couldn't answer Rando's letter.

チャドは疲れていたけれども、トーゴから到着する のをやめようとはしなかった。
Even though Chad was tired, he wouldn't stop arriving from Togo.

Douglas is a better swimmer than I am.

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