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Cecil helped Lauren discover Japanese culture by himself.

Does Brie always take hold of Roma's hand?

エルマーもルーシーにあやまる 年は過ぎるころだ。
Elmer will soon be over the age where he apologizes to Lucy.

Can Dwier have called on Victoria?

Have you given Shirly a gentle hug before?

Aria was afraid to give Weston a chance to start over.

ベティーが鏡を見る かないかは私にとってどちらでもいいことだ。
It doesn't matter to me whether Betty will look at the mirror or not.

Didn't Constance make Robin's acquaintance then?

As usual, Mrs. Okuyama got up early in the morning and gave Roger a phone call.

エドが自分でリンダの手紙に返事を出す ことが必要です。
It's necessary that Ed should answer Linda's letter himself.

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