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Earl has never waited for Ren's return.

ポーラはネイサンの声に怒りを感じ取る のが好きだ。
Paula likes hearing anger in Nathan's voice.

Andre isn't buying a new computer.

小坂知事はメリンダの帰宅を待つ のが好きだ。
Prefectural Governor Kosaka likes to wait for Melinda to return home.

ダレルはトニャにうそをつく ことができる。
Darrell is able to tell Tonya a lie.

Jaime is asking for Nate's advice.

ジェラルド・ジャクソンは今日ワイリーがテニスをしているのを見る かもしれない。
Gerald ジェラルド Jackson may watch Wiley play tennis today.

Amanda tried calling Michael (on the telephone).

Mrs. Shiraishi promised not to book Roberto a room at a hotel.

Derek has never given Kyle a wink.

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