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Secretary Yamashita tried deceiving Tamara.

テリーはサマンサに手紙を出す のが好きだ。
Terry likes to send Samantha a letter.

Ms. Araki didn't give Shawn a wrong answer.

ダレルは私に真っすぐ箱を見つめる ように言った。
Darrell told me to look straight at the box.

ペネロピーは今年の春トレイシーにアイリッシュ・ウイスキーをおごる 予定だ。
Penelope plans to buy Tracey some Irish whiskey this spring.

Judy will not show Simone that radio tomorrow night.

Dwight doesn't give Stephen a birthday present.

谷課長はヴォンディが戻ってくるのを待つ のが上手だ。
Mr. Tani (the section boss) is good at waiting for Vondie to return.

Patty has never flashed Monique a quick smile.

Secretary Yamashita tried deceiving Tamara.

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