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リチャードは私にミーガンが元気になるまで看病する ように言った。
Richard told me to nurse Megan back to health.

ブリーはロナルドを見送りに出て来る ことができた。
Brie was able to come out to see Ronald off.

Edward is waiting for Pepe's reply.

コートニーは今日ミリーの助けを求める かもしれない。
Courtney may ask for Millie's help today.

ボーはコンピューターか雑誌を買う ことができる。
Beau is able to buy a computer or a magazine.

Benny doesn't take Roxana bird watching.

Mrs. Fukui isn't notifying Neil by e-mail.

Bonnie told me not to give Kosha a little smile.

Dirk promised not to buy Madden some milk.

Ralph apologized the year before last.

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