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ダーリンは再来週レベッカにスンダ語で質問する 予定だ。
Darin plans to ask Rebekah a question in Sundanese the week after next.

Ruth will not eat cheesecake tomorrow.

Cecil told me not to ask Lacey to buy a lamp.

Amanda has never slipped Olivia a note.

ダレルはセルゲイの手を握る のが好きだ。
Darrell likes to take hold of Sergei's hand.

Does Anthony give Spencer an injection three days a week?

Eddy is calling Kendall's house.

ディは私にルネに手紙を出す ように言った。
Dee told me to send Ren a letter.

Cullen has never left Rebecca a message.

コニーはあさってルディが立ち去るところをじっと見送る かもしれない。
Connie may watch Rudy disappear the day after tomorrow.

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