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Katherine isn't arriving in Nepal.

Chief of Staff Tanabe has never measured Spencer's feet.

Danny promised not to hand Will a love letter.

ジュディはギターを買う のが好きだ。
Judy likes to buy the guitar.

セシリアは約束してポールに会う ことができる。
Cecelia is able to meet Paul by appointment.

Bianca has never asked Walton a question.

Irving violated Linda's personal rights this evening.

栗山さんは今日トミーに一連の質問をする かもしれない。
Mr. Kuriyama may ask Tommy a series of questions today.

Harry is bashing Shawn against a wall in Tasmania.

上田校長は来年の2月ルイーズに交渉の仕方を教える 予定だ。
Principal Ueda plans to teach Louise about negotiation next February.

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