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有田課長は駅でヴィクターを見送る のが好きだ。
Section Chief Arita is fond of seing Victor off at the station.

ケイトはシルヴィアの意見に賛成する のが好きだ。
Kate likes to agree with Silvia.

もしかするとケイドは明日の晩スザンヌに来てもらう かもしれない。
Cade might ask Suzanne to come tomorrow evening.

Chelah doesn't give Natalina blood.

Ellie is working now.

Mrs. Ishii has never contacted Kristin.

Dendrie promised not to hold a lamp still.

Donald will not call him Pepe today.

Bill will not help Walton get dressed on Tuesday.

Commander Takada told me not to give Ron one last chance.

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