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ダークは今日ロンに電話で知らせる かもしれない。
Dirk may inform Ron by telephone today.

Does Angel agree with Slade three days a week?

Mary has never danced .

Alejandro is weighing Shaun now.

アドリアは今夜リスのほおにキスする かもしれない。
Adria may kiss Rhys on the cheek this evening.

Fernando didn't telephone Rick long distance.

寺本さんはパーカーと踊る のが好きだ。
Mr. Teramoto likes to dance with Parker.

Jeffrey tried taking Kevin bowling.

ダークは今日ロンに電話で知らせる かもしれない。
Dirk may inform Ron by telephone today.

Public Prosecutor Hiramatsu forgot Omar's birthday in March.

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