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n = 84
n1 = 230

[E-2] It'll soon be one o'clock.
[J-1] もうすぐ1時です。

[E-4] You may go on condition that you return by eight o'clock.
[J-1] 8時までにもどるなら行ってもいいよ。

[E-1] It's seven o'clock.
[J-1] 7時です。

[E-1] Since Andy started at one o'clock, he ought to be there by now.
[J-1] 1時に出発したのだから、アンディはもうそこに着いているはずだ。

[E-3] The next Hikari arrives at eleven o'clock.
[J-1] 次のひかり号は11時に到着する。

[E-3] Come home by ten o'clock.
[J-1] 10時までには帰ってきてね。

[E-2] You should come home before seven o'clock.
[J-1] 7時前に帰って来なさい。

[E-1] Freddie is likely to be late so you'd better tell him again that the meeting time is five o'clock to make double sure.
[J-2] フレディまた待ち合わせの時間に遅れてくるかもしれないから、集合は5時だって駄目を押しておいてよ。

[E-1] Christine will be back by 2:30.
[J-1] 2時30分までにはクリスティンは帰ってくるでしょう。

[E-3] Would you please pick me up at the hotel on Saturday July 10th at two o'clock p.m.?
[J-1] 7月10土曜日の午後2時にホテルに迎えに来ていただけませんか。

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