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n = 84
n1 = 230

[E-3] The train leaves at twelve o'clock
[J-1] その列車は午前12時に発車する。

[E-1] Call Rhys up at twelve o'clock.
[J-1] 12時にリスに電話しなさい。

[E-3] I'm going to leave the library at three o'clock.
[J-1] 私は3時に図書館を出るつもりです。

[E-6] Our plane took off exactly at three o'clock.
[J-1] 私たちの飛行機は3時ちょうどに離陸した。

[E-6] Our plane took off exactly at six o'clock.
[J-6] 私たちの飛行機は6時に離陸した。

[E-1] I have an appointment to meet with Troy at twelve o'clock.
[J-1] 12時にトロイと会う約束がある。

[E-3] It's just 2:30.
[J-1] ちょうど2時30分です。

[E-3] I'll meet you at the lobby at seven o'clock.
[J-1] ロビーで7時に会いましょう。

[E-3] I have a reservation for twelve o'clock.
[J-1] 12時に予約しています。

[E-3] I arrived in Burma around eleven o'clock.
[J-1] 私は11時頃ビルマに着いた。

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