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n1 = 230

[E-1] It's 2:30.
[J-1] 2時30分です。

[E-1] If you return by 2:30, you may go.
[J-1] 2時30分までにもどるなら行ってもいいよ。

[E-3] If Ed had left at two o'clock, he would have arrived here by now.
[J-1] もしエドが2時に出発していたなら、今頃ここに着いているだろうに。

[E-7] twelve o'clock, if possible.
[J-1] できれば、12時でお願いします。

[E-1] I asked Dale to wake me up at ten o'clock.
[J-1] 10時に起こしてくれるよう、私はデールに頼んだ。

[E-2] You should come home before 2:30.
[J-1] 2時30分前に帰って来なさい。

[E-3] But it's almost five o'clock.
[J-1] でも5時近くですよ。

[E-2] The conference ended at eight o'clock.
[J-1] 会議は8時に終わった。

[E-1] Since Daniel started at eleven o'clock, he ought to be there by now.
[J-1] 11時に出発したのだから、ダニエルはもうそこに着いているはずだ。

[E-3] The train leaves at three o'clock this afternoon.
[J-1] 列車は今日の午後3時に発車します。

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