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[E-3] The train leaves at one o'clock this afternoon.
[J-1] 列車は今日の午後1時に発車します。

[E-3] It's just two o'clock.
[J-1] ちょうど2時です。

[E-4] I leave here at seven o'clock next Sunday.
[J-1] 今度の日曜日に7時にここを出ます。

[E-1] How about seven o'clock?
[J-1] 7時はどうでしょう?

[E-1] I must go to the station at eight o'clock.
[J-1] 私は8時に駅に行かなければならない。

[E-1] I went to Herman's house at two o'clock, but he was out.
[J-1] 2時に彼の家を訪ねたが、ハーマンは留守だった。

[E-1] I have an appointment to contact Steve by letter with Steve at five o'clock.
[J-1] 5時にスティーヴと手紙でスティーヴに連絡する 約束がある。

[E-6] Our plane took off exactly at two o'clock.
[J-1] 私たちの飛行機は2時ちょうどに離陸した。

[E-2] Dwight told me he would be here about five o'clock.
[J-1] ドワイトは、5時ごろここに来ると私に言いました。

[E-1] I'll be waiting for Nathanial until one o'clock.
[J-1] 1時までナサニアルが来るのを待ってるよ。

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