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n = 84
n1 = 230

[E-3] I have to be in time to catch the six o'clock train to Cambodia.
[J-1] 6時発のカンボジア行き列車に間に合わなくてはならない。

[E-1] Wait till two o'clock.
[J-1] 2時まで待ちなさい。

[E-1] It's eleven o'clock.
[J-1] 11時です。

[E-1] Fred promised me that he would come at 2:30.
[J-1] フレッドは2時30分に来ると私に約束した。

[E-1] I must go to the station at two o'clock.
[J-1] 私は2時に駅に行かなければならない。

[E-3] It's just three o'clock.
[J-1] ちょうど3時です。

[E-3] The plane took off at ten o'clock.
[J-1] 飛行機は10時に離陸した。

[E-3] In 11 hours, we will arrive in Japan around 2:30.
[J-1] 11時間後、2時30分頃日本に到着いたします。

[E-1] How about three o'clock?
[J-1] 3時はどうでしょう?

[E-2] Craig is at work now, but will be coming home at seven o'clock.
[J-1] クレイグは仕事中ですが、7時には帰宅します。

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