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n1 = 230

[E-4] Harry is always finding fault with his neighbors.
[J-1] ハリーは隣人のあらさがしばかりしている。

[E-2] I know why Elmer quit his job.
[J-1] エルマーがなぜ仕事を辞めたのか、私は知っています。

[E-3] Cliff spoke in such a loud voice that I could hear him upstairs.
[J-1] クリフはとても大声で話したので、二階にいても聞こえた。

[E-3] Richard was ashamed of himself for being careless.
[J-1] リチャードは自分の不注意を恥じた。

[E-1] Craig feels relaxed when he's writing Sofie a lettter
[J-1] ソフィに手紙を書く とクレイグはのんびりする。

[E-3] Rick said he had heard of the accident.
[J-1] その事故のことは聞きましたとリックは言った。

[E-3] Even though Cecil was self-indulgent, his parents loved him.
[J-1] セシルはわがままだったが、両親はセシルを愛した。

[E-4] Because of old age, Sydney lost his sight.
[J-1] シドニーは年のせいで目が見えなくなった。

[E-4] Earl signaled that I should follow him.
[J-1] アールは私についてこいと合図した。

[E-1] Even with all his all his wealth, Derek isn't happy.
[J-1] あれほど金を持ちながらデレクは幸福でない。

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