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n1 = 230

[E-4] Cliff studied hard, which enabled him to pass the exam.
[J-1] クリフは熱心に勉強し、お陰で試験に合格した。

[E-5] Rick is not popular with his superiors.
[J-1] リックは上役に受けが悪い。

[E-3] Floyd decided to resign.
[J-1] フロイドは仕事を辞めることにした。

[E-3] Donald finally acheived his goal.
[J-1] 遂ににドナルドは目的を達した。

[E-2] Edgar is not as fat as he was.
[J-1] エドガーは以前ほど太ってない。

[E-3] Horace was crying in his room.
[J-1] ホレスは部屋で泣いていた。

[E-1] Edward is a self-willed fellow.
[J-1] エドワードは我の強いやつだ。

[E-3] Charlie went on talking to his friend even after the class began.
[J-1] チャーリーは授業が始まっても友達に話し続けた。

[E-1] If Allen could pass for eighteen years old, he'd like to cling to Nic's hand.
[J-1] 18歳だとごまかしても通るのならアランはたいのだが。

[E-2] Freddie's courage impressed, so I trust him.
[J-1] フレディの勇気に感心して私はフレディを信頼した。

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