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n = 3650
n1 = 230

[E-2] I'll ask Stanley whether he will save Warren a seat or not.
[J-1] スタンレーにウォーレンに席を取っておく かどうか聞いてみます。

[E-4] Before meeting Cade, Rolf hid many of his men and guns near the town.
[J-1] ケイドに会う前にロルフは町の近くに部下と銃をたくさん隠した。

[E-5] You have made Jamie what he is.
[J-1] ジェイミーの今日あるのはあなたのおかげです。

[E-3] This is a picture of Eddie's own painting.
[J-1] これはエディが自分で描いた絵です。

[E-5] Dale is in his element when it comes to tennis.
[J-1] テニスのことになるとデールは水を得た魚のようだ。

[E-2] Do you still trust Freddie after he broke his promise twice?
[J-1] 2度までもフレディは約束を破ったのにまだ信じるのか。

[E-4] Herman succeeded to his uncle's fortune.
[J-1] ハーマンは叔父の財産をついだ。

[E-3] Earl neglected his duties.
[J-1] アールは職務怠慢だった。

[E-3] Bobby has been promoted twice since he joined this company.
[J-1] ボビーはこの会社に入ってから2度昇進した。

[E-3] As soon as Jamie heard the news, he began to cry.
[J-1] そのニュースを聞くとすぐにジェイミーは涙を流して泣き出した。

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