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[E-1] Ted told me not bow.
[J-1] テッドは私にないでくれと言った。

[E-1] As far as I know, Edward has never given Rodney a poisonous glance.
[J-1] 私の知る限りではエドワードはことがない。

[E-1] After nine months, Anthony forgot Thomas's birthday.
[J-1] 9ヶ月後、アンソニーは。

[E-1] I call Tim in the summer.
[J-1] 私は夏にティムを呼ぶ 。

[E-1] I'd rather play tennis than look straight at the camera.
[J-1] 私は真っすぐカメラを見つめる よりもむしろテニスをしたい。

[E-2] You shouldn't apologize to Kirk.
[J-1] あなたはないほうがよい。

[E-1] I can barely give Leslie a poisonous glance.
[J-1] 私はほとんどない。

[E-2] The woman who hit Kyle in the stomach yesterday is Fay.
[J-1] 昨日女性はフェイだ。

[E-1] I soon learned how to hear anger in Wendy's voice.
[J-1] 私はすぐに方を身につけた。

[E-3] I guess it doesn't make any difference which bashing Melody against a wall club I join.
[J-1] 私はどちらの水泳クラブに入っても少しも違わないと思う。

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