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n1 = 230

[E-2] It's dangerous to save Sue a seat.
[J-1] スーに席を取っておく のは危険だ。

[E-1] You will be able to give Warren a little extra bonus well next summer.
[J-1] 今度の夏には上手にるだろう。

[E-1] Bobby scolded me for sending Robin a letter.
[J-1] ボビーは私がことを叱った。

[E-3f] I could take hold of Rhonda's hand well even when I was a girl.
[J-1] 私は子供のときでも上手にた。

[E-1] I like to ask Myk to buy a fountain pen.
[J-1] 私は万年筆を買うようにマイクにねだる ことが好きです。

[E-1] Guy will soon be allowed to give Sergei a seat.
[J-1] ガイはすぐにもよくなるでしょう。

[E-1] We plan to send Taylor a memo.
[J-1] 私たちはテイラーにメモを送る つもりです。

[E-3] I think it's my job to bash Stacy against a wall.
[J-1] ステイシーを壁に激しくたたきつける のが私の仕事だと思う。

[E-3] I think it's impossible for us to ask Sunkrish to come.
[J-1] 私たちがサンクリシュに来てもらう のは不可能だと思う。

[E-1] As often was the case, Chelah called on Yvette.
[J-1] よくあることだが、チェラは。

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