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n = 382
n1 = 240

Benedict suggested we employ Prof. Itoh as a part-timer.

Since Cecil has been flipping through the pages of a picture book all day, he now feels very tired.

Although Irwin is sick, he is buying a ticket again today.

Watch Thom buy a book or a magazine.
トムが本か雑誌を買う のを、よくごらんなさい。

It seems that James won't dig a hole in the ground any more.

When did Artie execute Kevin Hodgson as a spy?

Will Archibald hand Prof. Itoh a love letter?
アーチボルドは伊藤教授にラブレターを手渡す だろうか。

The time when John will mail a letter home is tomorrow.
ジョンが家に手紙を出す のはあしたです。

I had not expected Seth to move into a smaller home.
セスがまでより小さい家に移る とは予想していなかった。

Sebastian will make a rude reply.
セバスチャンは無礼な返事をする だろう。

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