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Silvester will most probably do as Mrs. Tanner says.
シルベスターはたぶんタナー先生のいうとおりにする だろう。

I hear Nathaniel won't avoid meeting Mrs. Walker tomorrow.

Ozias came in here when he was here.

Since Joe will avoid meeting Mr. Sherman, I'll avoid meeting Mr. Sherman, too.
ジョーがシャーマン先生に会うのを避ける から私も。

I didn't know that Larry asked Mr. Sherman to come.

When Alex asks Mrs. Anderson a question in English, he takes a rest right away.
アレックスはアンダーソン先生に英語で質問する とすぐ休みます。

Do you know whether or not Alvin will come here to meet Mr. Gardner?
アルヴィンがここへガードナー先生に会いに来る かどうか御存知ですか。

Abel doesn't plan to come here to meet Mr. Manchester? Yes, it seems that he doesn't plan to come here to meet Mr. Manchester.
アベルはないつもりでしたか。 はい、ないつもりだったようです。

I wonder if Francis will call Mrs. Chandler's house.
フランシスはチャンドラー先生の家に電話をかける かなあ。

Omar told me that he had celebrated Mrs. Tanner's birthday.

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