American English Pronunciation Practice (For ESL/EFL)
Game-like Minimal Pair Practice using Flash and MP3 Files

How to Use These Pages

  • 1. Click the "Start" arrow button.
  • 2. Click the words at the top to practice.
  • 3. Click "Listen, Then Choose."
  • 4. Click the answer.
  • (Do #3 and #4 a few times.)
  • 5. Click the arrow button to go to the next one.

"Listen and Repeat" Videos

Focusing on Accents

"L" and "R"

R-controlled Vowels (Also called R-colored Vowels)

Focusing on Vowels

Focusing on Final Consonants

Focusing on Consonant Clusters

More Videos

Songs & Poems

Tongue Twisters

Listen and practice each phrase slowly, then practice them quickly.

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