This is no longer maintained, but you may find the "custom Google search" useful.

Standard MIDI Files on the Net

Standard MIDI files are playable with MIDI plugins, MIDI players and MIDI sequencers. MIDI files are sometimes mistakenly called MIDIS or midi's.

MIDI File Search
This is a Custom Google Search limited to only searching webpages with MIDI files. That's the aim anyway.
I've input as many of the URLs from my database as is allowed.

From time to time, I will be updating the URLs that are used in this custom search.

My complete browsable and searchable database was taken offline in 2007.
This is a project I started in 1995 when it was difficult to find MIDI files on the "young" World Wide Web.
Now with good search engines available, perhaps my kind of database is no longer needed, thus saving me a lot of time.
Slightly updated in January 2009.

Some Other MIDI Links

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