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By Charles I. Kelly & Lawrence E. Kelly
Note This is only a partial site map. It was last updated on November 17, 2003.
(Approximately 700 pages listed -- We have more.)


Flash Crossword Puzzles for Studying English Vocabulary

Flash Flashcards

Flash Quizzes for ESL Students

Flash Matching Quizzes for ESL Students

CGI Hangman Games for ESL Students (1999)

CGI Hangman Games Updated to Flash (2003)

Flash Hangman Games for ESL Students

Flash Hangman Games - Native Speaker Level

Java Hangman Games for ESL Students

JavaScript Hangman Games for ESL Students

Vocabulary Study Pages That Also Work on a Cell Phone

Jumble Puzzles for ESL Students

PhraseDaze Games for English Study

American English Pronunciation Practice

Commonly-Used Proverbs

English Language Quiz Show

Fun with Randomly-Generated Sentences

Commonly-Used American Slang

Scrambled Sentences for ESL Students

Scrambled Words for ESL Students

Quizzes Based On VOA Special English Programs

Other Things We Have Related to VOA

Texts of VOA (Voice of America) Special English Features

Easy Vocabulary Quizzes with Pictures

Word Based Games for ESL Students

Word Find / Word Search Puzzles for ESL Students

WordMeister Games for ESL Students

Various Things

Some Things for Japanese Who Are Studying English Using the "Many Things" Textbook

For Teacher Who May Want to Use Our Textbook


Magnet Boards for ESL Students

Computer Assisted Writing

Useful Sentences for Travel Survival

Concentration Games for ESL Students

English Listening Room

ESL Reading Room

Speaks for Itself (Speech Synthesizer)