2004 Web Homework #9

Computer Translation (コンピュータ翻訳)

1. Read the English, then click the 翻訳 button.

www.excite.co.jp/world/english/ テキスト翻訳

英→和 和→英

2. Read the Japanese, then click the 翻訳 button.

See how bad even simple Japanese sentences get translated into Japanese.
www.nifty.com/globalgate/ テキスト翻訳

3. Questions for Homework #9

  1. Read the original Japanese sentence.
  2. Read the computer translation in English. (These all have mistakes.)
  3. Write your translation in English. (You can copy and paste, then edit.)
Example: ORIGINAL: 彼は授業中眠っていた。
COMPUTER: He was sleeping during session.
YOU: He was sleeping during class.

ORIGINAL: 彼は故郷の夢を見た。
COMPUTER: He looked at the dream of a hometown.

ORIGINAL: 彼は棚に頭をぶつけた。
COMPUTER: He threw the head at the shelf.

ORIGINAL: 彼は五時にここへくるはずである。
COMPUTER: He should come here in 5:00.

ORIGINAL: 彼は散歩に出かけた。
COMPUTER: He went for an walk.

4. Questions about Yourself

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