Apples (ELLLO 85)

Kentaro answers questions about this well-known fruit.

Kentaro (Japan, American Accent)
Todd (USA)

Todd: OK, we're going to talk about apples.

Kentaro: OK.

Todd: OK, do you like apples?

Kentaro: Yeah. So-so.

Todd: OK, how often do you eat apples?

Kentaro: Once a week, I would say.

Todd: Once a week. How much is an apple in Japan?

Kentaro: In Japan, it depends on the season.

Todd: Uh-huh.

Kentaro: If it's like summer season's gonna be very expensive.

Todd: Uh-huh.

Kentaro: Uh-huh. But you mean..are you talking about now?

Todd: Yeah, like right now..how much does an apple cost?

Kentaro: I would say maybe about a 100..15..450 yen per an apple.

Todd: Really! Yeah..that's that's kind of expensive.

Kentaro: Yeah.

Todd: Where do apples come from?

Kentaro: Aomori Prefecture.

Todd: Aomori! Really!

Kentaro: Which is in the northern part of Japan.

Todd: OK. Oh..alright. And what colors are apples?

Kentaro: Red or green or yellow.

Todd: OK. Which color is your favorite?

Kentaro: Red.

Todd: Red. Yeah. Yeah. Actually I like the green apples.

Kentaro: Really! Why?

Todd: I don't know. I just..in America we have sour green apples.

Kentaro: Does it taste different than the red apples?

Todd: Yeah, like the red apples are sweet..and the green apples in America..they're very sour.

Kentaro: Oh.

Todd: Yeah..so..they're very nice. Um, one last thing! What can you make with apples?

Kentaro: Apple Juice, apple pie, and apple tea.

Todd: Apple tea.

Kentaro: Yeah.

Todd: OK. And can you make apple pie?

Kentaro: No, not really.

Todd: Yeah. Man, me neither.

Kentaro: OK. Thanks.

Todd: Thanks


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