First Love (ELLLO 208)

Kate talks about a special boyfriend.

Kate (UK)
Jessica (USA)

Jessica: Kate, how old were you when you had your first boyfriend?

Kate: My first proper boyfriend was probably when I was 14.

Jessica: 14. What was his name?

Kate: His name was Murray.

Jessica: Murray. Wow. And did you meet him through school?

Kate: He went to a different school, he went to a school near my school.

Jessica: OK, so how did you meet him?

Kate: We met through mutual friends. His friend knew my friend.

Jessica: OK. So now what, so did you actually go on dates with him when you were 14?

Kate: Yes, we did.

Jessica: Wow. Where did you go?

Kate: We went to the cinema. We used to go and listen to music, watch bands, and we used to go to like the fair, and things like that.

Jessica: Oh, cool. So were your parents cool with you having a boyfriend?

Kate: Yes, yes. They really liked him.

Jessica: Yeah, and they, Wow, that's really good, cause a lot of times parents aren't very cool with...

Kate: Yeah. We went out a long time.

Jessica: How long did you go out?

Kate: Two and a half years, nearly three years.

Jessica: So it finished when you were 17?

Kate: Yeah, 17.

Jessica: Do you still keep in touch with him?

Kate: Yes, he's living in my flat at the moment.

Jessica: Really, Wow!

Kate: Yeah, we're like really good friends.

Jessica: Oh, that's good.

Kate: He's renting my flat off of me.

Jessica: Oh, that's cool. Wonderful.


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