Cricket (ELLLO 168)

Selvam talks a little about his favorite sport.

Selvam (India)
Todd (USA)

Todd: So, Selvam, you said you like cricket very much.

Selvam: Yes, sure.

Todd: And who is the best player in the world? Cricket player?

Selvam: According to my view, Mr. Sachin Tendulkar is the best player.

Todd: Oh, and he's from India?

Selvam: Yeah, he's from India.

Todd: OK, is he from the south of India or?

Selvam: He's north India.

Todd: He's from north India. And he's a very good batter?

Selvam: Yeah, batsman.

Selvam: Batsman

Selvam: Batsman.

Todd: OK, so in cricket how many times do you bat in one day?

Selvam: How many times you bat?

Todd: How many times do you get to try to hit the ball?

Selvam: Until you are out you can bat. Until you are out you can bat.

Todd: Oh, really but you only get one time. Like in baseball you bat and another person bats

Selvam: No, it's not like that. Until you get out you can play.

Todd: Oh, really,

Selvam: Yeah.

Todd: Oh, OK

Selvam: It's like that.

Todd: Wow and do you play cricket with your friends?

Selvam: Yes, yes, I used to play cricket with my friends.

Todd: You said this guys name, what's it, I'm sorry?

Selvam: Sachin Tendulkar.

Todd: Wow! I don't know him. See I like baseball. Do you know who Barry Bonds is?

Selvam: Yeah, sorry, I don't know anything about baseball.

Todd: Well, that's OK. You teach me about cricket and I'll teach you about baseball.


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