Reading (ELLLO 106)

Kerri answers questions about reading.

Kerri (USA)
Todd (USA)

Todd: Keri, let's talk about reading.

Kerri: OK.

Todd: First of all, do you like to read?

Kerri: Yes, I do!

Todd: What do you read usually?

Kerri: I kind of alternate between fiction and non-fiction.

Todd: OK. What are you reading now?

Kerri: I'm reading two books now. The Ethics of Startrek, which my uncle gave me, which is non-fiction, and I just started it today: A Spy in the House of Love.

Todd: Oh, OK. It looks like a pretty good book. What is it about?

Kerri: Right now I've just started, so it's about a women who has been having an affair, basically.

Todd: OK. When do you read? When do you find time to read?

Kerri: I read on the trains while I'm commuting to work. I read at night, on the weekends.

Todd: OK. What is your favorite author?

Kerri: I don't have a favorite author.

Todd: Yeah. it's kind of hard to pick.

Kerri: Yeah.

Todd: OK. Do you go to the library often?

Kerri: No, I don't.


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