Night Life (ELLLO 143)

Trevor talks about his routine during a typical evening.

Trevor (Australia)
Todd (USA)

Todd: Let's talk about the evening, night time activities. -- Trevor what do you do in the evening?

Trevor: Then I get home from work, I like to relax, have a drink and watch TV.

Todd: OK. When do you usually get home at night?

Trevor: About 7:00 or 7:30. About that time.

Todd: OK. How do you go home? Do you drive or take the train?

Trevor: Oh, I take the train.

Todd: OK. And when do you go to bed?

Trevor: I'm usually about midnight.

Todd: At midnight. That's pretty late.

Trevor: Yeah, I'm pretty tired by then.

Todd: OK. When do you wake up the next day?

Trevor: 6:30

Todd: 6:30!

Trevor: Exactly

Todd: Wow! You only get six and a half hours sleep a night.

Trevor: That's all I need.

Todd: Man, you're a strong guy! Um..how often do you look at the stars?

Trevor: Not so often but sometimes I can see them when I'm walking home. And sometimes the moon!

Todd: The moon. OK! Can you see the stars from your house?

Trevor: Yeah!

Todd: Nice. Is it cold at night where you live?

Trevor: At the moment, yeah, but it is getting warmer, summer is approaching.

Todd: OK. And do you prefer the morning or the evening?

Trevor: I'm a morning person.

Todd: Oh, me, too. I'm the same. Last question, can you stay up all night?

Trevor: If I have a good reason, but usually I get tired after midnight.

Todd: OK. Yeah, me too. All right, thanks Trevor.

Trevor: See you later!


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